Our Adoption Tips for Families

The adoption process can seem overwhelming, or even lengthy. Our quick tips will help you on your way to a successful adoption journey.

Just getting started?

  • Choose an adoption agency. Locate a state or private adoption agency that feels right for you. Browse our How to Adopt section for helpful agency information.

  • Obtain an adoption homestudy. We do not do homestudies, but can help you find an agency that does. Note: You must have a completed homestudy to inquire about NWAE waiting children.

  • Educate yourself! Every state requires that families complete pre-adoptive orientations and classes in order to adopt. Read books and articles on adoption topics and special needs.

  • Educate others! Your adoption will impact your family and friends. Share information and resources to help you build a strong support system.

  • Prepare for the future. Explore your local schools, adoption-certified therapists and other sources of post-adoption support for your new child and growing family.

Still waiting?

  • Sign-up for our NWAE Connections e-newsletter.
  • Volunteer for a non-profit organization or school that needs help.
  • Join a pre-adoption support group with other waiting families.
  • Get to know experienced families who have already fostered or adopted waiting children.
  • Support an organization like the NWAE that helps waiting foster children.
  • Stay optimistic! The adoption process might take longer than you expected.
  • Remember the waiting children – they are waiting too.

Have more questions? We are here to help.

Contact us anytime at 1.800.927.9411 or nwae@nwresource.org.

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