Meet Travis

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Travis is a laid-back kid who effortlessly brightens up a room. He is a very loving child who enjoys being around those he feels most connected to. Travis has a really special relationship with his current foster parents. An adoptive family who can support that relationship will be essential. Travis has a lot of people in his life who care for him and his recruitment team is excited to find the right adoptive family for him to bring permanency and even more love to his inner circle.

Travis is a big fan of cartoons. The opportunity to relax and watch something entertaining is a treasured activity to this sweet kid. If he had to choose, Spongebob Squarepants or Paw Patrol would be his number one choice, though Spongebob is a real comfort to him. How can you not love someone who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Travis loves being able to watch his favorite cartoon pals whenever he can. Naturally, Travis really likes to play with toys as well. His favorite kind of toy is one that is loud and exciting, or something with a lot of blinking lights.

The people close to Travis know exactly how he’s feeling based on his raucous laughter or his expressive coos and grunts. Travis has worked really hard and is now able to walk independently for moderate distance and with the help of his caregivers, can climb up and down stairs while holding the handrail. He also recently learned how to climb down from his bed! Swimming has been a great form of exercise for Travis, and it is also an activity that helps him learn more about what he is capable of. An adoptive family who wants to help Travis continue to learn and grow in his movement will be a great fit!

As he begins the 6th grade, Travis is excited to transition into middle school. He does well in school and benefits greatly from one-on-one attention from his teacher and mentors. Travis’s teachers describe him as “determined, observant, and energetic.” An adoptive family who is ready to assist Travis in his educational endeavors and work with him as he continues to make progress will be beneficial for him.

Travis would do well in a family with older or younger kids, or where he is the only child. He is an affectionate, sweet kid who would make a great addition to the right family. Adoptive families who are patient, experienced, and eager to love this great kid are encouraged to inquire!

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