Meet Serenity

Quality time is something Serenity values, and understandably so. This teenage girl is multifaceted and tends to be open and communicative about what she is thinking and feeling – particularly with the people in her life she trusts. Serenity is friendly and polite – when she feels a connection with someone, she is very loving and expresses her care for that individual often. She’s an animal lover; a person who feels drawn to the spirit of another living creature. Serenity is open to new experiences and enjoys going on outings to visit her grandmother, or simply to see something new. In recent years, Serenity’s favorite memory includes a camping trip – a chance to be in the great outdoors; a sense of adventure.

Serenity is a really outgoing person and is typically quite sociable. Her favorite way to expend some energy is by swimming as often as possible. Splashing around, feeling the waves or calm waters of a pool is something she is really drawn to. In the past, she has also taken skating lessons and really enjoyed them. Riding a bike and playing catch are also on Serenity’s list of favorite things to do. In her downtime, Serenity likes going shopping, playing games online, and watching TV or movies – she has quite a few favorites! Serenity also enjoys community experiences, particularly going to church, which is something she is drawn to and would like to attend on a more regular basis.

Currently in 8th grade, Serenity is a bright kid who does really well in school and is constantly eager to learn. With a little patience and one-on-one time, Serenity is able to excel in and outside of her studies. While she navigates some of the social aspects of being in school, Serenity is really receptive to learning experiences. Though she does well in all of her classes, Serenity’s favorite is P.E.

In recent years, Serenity has become more comfortable when it comes to expressing herself and discussing her feelings. She is open to guidance, and is really eager to be adopted by a family who can provide her with the love, support, and leadership she deserves. Serenity really does appreciate quality time, one-on-one attention, and in the right environment, will surely thrive and grow into the bright future ahead of her.

Serenity does have contact with a couple of biological family members who are very important to her. An adoptive family who can support her in those relationships would be appreciated.

Serenity would really like to be adopted. She would do well with a family who prioritizes time with one another and where she can have at least one strong maternal figure. Serenity does really well with structure and routine; a family who can provide her with clear communication, fun adventures, and lots of love and trust would be a great fit for her. If you are interested in learning more about Serenity, please let us know! We are excited to find Serenity the adoptive family she deserves.

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