Meet Emerald

When you ask Emerald to tell you about himself, he prefers a Q&A, which is more than fair. The leading question, “what are you really passionate about,” was really easy for Emerald to answer. It’s cosplay! But not just traditional cosplay where someone dresses up as a well-known character (though that’s fun too). Emerald enjoys cosplaying OCs, or original characters, for those who are not in the know. One of Emerald’s proudest original characters were a set of rabbit people twins, born in opposite seasons, both bearing each other’s season as their name. (Winter, and Summer.) The originality of coming up with these characters is enough, but Emerald is also cosplaying as the characters he creates. His process includes spending Amazon gift cards to put a costume together or sometimes, inspiration strikes simply when he comes across an item of clothing or a trinket from his own room. One of Emerald’s favorite non-original characters to cosplay as is Todoroki, from My Hero Academia, an anime he loves.

Though he doesn’t spend all of his time writing, Emerald clearly has a huge imagination and the wherewithal to invent creative stories. When he flips through his old journals, he comes across stories he finds from “way back when,” proving that he’s been creative for a very long time. Emerald notes that when he does sit down to write, he gets very invested in it.

Currently in his junior year of high school virtually, Emerald doesn’t mind the changes to school for now. After high school, he hopes to head into a career involving cosmetology because he loves makeup, he loves hair, and he loves nails. As Emerald says, cosmetology is just another form of art for him and he thinks it’ll be a great career.

Emerald is really interested in being adopted because he really just wants a family to have things in common with. The most important thing for Emerald is to find an LGBTQ+ accepting and affirming family. Emerald identifies as a boy and uses he/him pronouns and deserves to find a family who will fully love and support his identity, now and in the future. It’s very important to Emerald to have a family who understands where he’s coming from and who will not always jump to a solution, but rather hear him out and work together to solve the problem.

When asked if there is anything else Emerald wants to share with potential adoptive families, he adds that he expresses himself a lot with art and that his hair is always a different color (currently blue and purple.) Emerald is very, in his own words, “self-expressionized” and he certainly deserves the right family to love and support him.

Emerald has a strong desire to be a part of a family. An experienced adoptive family who is great at calming techniques will be a really good fit for Emerald. He’s got a big heart and will surely thrive in the right home.

If you can see Emerald in your family, please reach out to us! We are excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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