Meet Zach

“Zach brings a smile to people’s faces.”

Everyone loves Zach. Zach has a sweet and easy temperament and is a pleasure to spend time with. When he smiles and feels comfortable and relaxed, it’s impossible to not perk right up. He brings a lot of joy to his caregivers, and everyone who meets him.

Zach does most of his communication through small noises, facial expressions, and body language. It is thought that Zach enjoys being spoken to with soft voices and also appreciates a gentle gesture from the people he loves. Really nice, calming music is a favorite of Zach’s – the vibrations from the music draw him in and soothe him. His room is a relaxing haven — soft lights, warm blankets, and soothing music. (It’s also decorated in flannel!)

Though Zach loves spending time in his own room, he’s also brought out to join the rest of the foster family and is really included and adored.

Zach’s social worker is looking forward to hearing from two-parent families, as well as single parents who have strong support through family and friends. The ideal adoptive family for Zach will consist of parents who are calm, patient, and nurturing, and who have the ability to coordinate and schedule to prioritize whatever Zach may need. Whether a one-parent or two-parent family, Zach needs caregivers who are able and willing to dedicate their time to Zach. His adoptive home needs to be a calm, low-key environment with lots of effort to keep Zach happy and healthy.

Zach is a very special kid who will bring a lot of love to an adoptive family. If you would like to learn more about sweet Zach, please contact us soon.

Could you see Zach as part of your family?