Meet Quintin

Quintin is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Likes to dream up: New creative worlds and stories
Would love to: Live somewhere with animals, maybe a farm
Not-so-secret talents: LEGOs, drawing, art
Looking for: A loving, adoptive family

There’s a world beyond your wildest imagination, and Quintin knows all about it. His imagination is expansive, his creativity impressive. One of the best ways Quintin expresses his originality is through building with Legos. Like many other kids, Legos provide a complete landscape for creation and exploration. For Quintin, the colorful blocks really help him broaden his horizons and come up with something entirely new. In general, he likes crafts and any way he can express himself. Unsurprisingly, Quintin is also an artist. He really enjoys drawing and has a natural talent for it as well. With his drawings, Quintin offers a detailed background story and explanation of what he’s created. It’s a remarkable skill. Quintin is an all-around sweet kid that excels in anything he sets his mind to – a quality that will only develop further with the right adoptive family to mentor and support him.

An inquisitive young man, Quintin is not afraid to ask questions and discuss basically anything. He has an interest in scientific issues, including various medical fields, and loves to discuss the ins-and-outs of what he’s learning, as well as whatever fantasy he’s created in his own mind. Quintin has an excellent memory and remembers obscure details about the stories he’s written or drawn. One of his favorite things to do is take a walk outside – pacing back and forth is a way for Quintin to have some time to himself to think while also enjoying the fresh air and getting some exercise.

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Fresh air, in fact, is really important to Quintin. Quintin has stated that he would really like to live on a farm, both now and when he grows up. One of his dreams for his future includes living on a big farm where he will adopt three kids out of foster care.

Something else Quintin loves? Music! With his radio in tow, Quintin jams to everything from hip-hop to Blake Shelton.

Currently in high school, Quintin is doing so well with the world of remote learning. He enjoys going to school and is proud of his grades and the work he does – he often even finishes his work early!

Quintin has a close relationship with his two biological sisters and will need an adoptive family who will support these relationships throughout his life.

Quintin wanted to do an author reading for one if his favorite space stories, complete with illustrations and sound effects!

Quintin is an honest, respectful, and kind kid who really wants to be adopted. An adoptive family who will support and encourage Quintin’s brilliant imagination will be the best fit for him. Quintin would do well in any family configuration, but especially one who allows him the time and space to be an individual. Quintin likes to take a walk outside when he’s having time to himself, though he likes to spend time with others once he’s comfortable. His foster mother praises Quintin as a great kid and notes that he gets along well with his foster siblings. An adoptive family who loves quality conversation and creativity is a great fit for Quintin.

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Beyond the Profile: Quintin is a great kid, is not very high maintenance, and thrives with a routine and when he is able to do the things that are important to him, like having some quiet time alone on a nice day, or drawing/ thinking up new fantastic creations. Quintin needs a family who understands how unique and wonderful he is because he has his own way of doing things, and who can love and support him to continue to be different in the best way. He would love to have a family who would encourage his artistic ability and who would encourage him to follow his dreams. He thinks a lot about his future and knows what type of situations he likes or doesn’t like.

-Gracie, Quintin's social worker

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