Meet Zaden

Described as having a “large imagination,” Zaden is a smart kid who always has something to say. He really loves reading, and finds significance in losing himself in a really well written story. Naturally, he enjoys playing video games and hanging out with his friends as well. His expansive imagination is most often displayed through his beautiful artwork. He’s a talented artist who is able to express himself in creative ways.

Currently a freshman in high school, Zaden is very bright, but would benefit from having an adoptive family to encourage him with his academic progress. Zaden’s favorite subject is math and he is very excited about going to college in the future. At the moment, Zaden thinks he will study engineering.

Getting outside is something that Zaden is always ready to do. An active kid, Zaden loves hiking and wants to start playing baseball as soon as possible. As a former Boy Scout, Zaden is particularly well-equipped for outdoor adventures.

As Zaden continues to make progress in various areas of his life, an adoptive family to support his growth will really help him thrive. Being accepted is really important to Zaden and as he navigates the social world of high school, having an adoptive family by his side would be a great addition to his progress.

Zaden has a really close relationship with his current foster parents, as well as his biological siblings. An adoptive family who will support these essential bonds throughout his life will be essential.

Zaden will do well in a single or two parent household. He has expressed interest in being the only child, though he is also open to the idea of siblings, especially an older brother or sister who he can look up to. Zaden does well with structure and consistency and really appreciates being able to stick to a routine.

If you can envision Zaden in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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