Meet Jayden and Evan

Special Note:

Jayden and Evan are excited to be adopted together and have another brother, Pia, who would like to be adopted with them. The boys' social worker is open to hearing from families who will consider either adopting all three boys together or who are committed to keeping a close relationship with Pia's future adoptive family throughout their lives. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Jayden and Evan would probably both agree that being brothers – to each other and to their other siblings – are one of the great joys of their lives. These two kiddos, just like their big brother Pia, are super family-oriented. They are eager to be adopted together, potentially alongside Pia, and are dedicated to staying in touch with their siblings throughout their lives. An adoptive family who is determined to keep Jayden and Evan in close touch with Pia and their older brother and sister will be essential.

Currently in the 5th grade, Jayden has always been a great student and is working on keeping his grades up. He enjoys school and will likely thrive even more with the support of an adoptive family.

When not doing his school work, Jayden is probably outside, a place he finds a lot of joy and happiness. Jayden loves playing sports, any or all of them, and is often found shooting hoops or tossing a football around with Pia and Evan. When he isn’t playing a game, he’s probably riding his bike or scooter. The more sunshine, the better. Inside, Jayden likes to play with LEGOs, video games, or Magic: The Gathering cards.

Jayden is an awesome kid who has become a lot more open and trusting in recent years. He keeps to himself unless he’s with his brothers and is very protective of his family. Though Evan tends to be more talkative and open than Jayden, they have a lot in common and both share a loyalty to their family. Jayden and Evan’s adult brother and sister are great role models for them. They have remained a consistent and positive connection for them throughout their lives.

Currently in the 4th grade, Evan has also always been a good student. He enjoys school and is super happy, talkative, and social. An adoptive family who can support both Jayden and Evan with their schoolwork will be great!

For fun, Evan enjoys getting outside, playing sports, and playing video games. Just like his brothers, Evan would do well with an active adoptive family who can introduce him to even more outdoor activities that Evan is sure to enjoy. Evan and Jayden are both full of hope, openness, and love. They are eager to find the right adoptive family who will include them and make them feel loved. An adoptive family who is willing to consider adopting Pia, Jayden, and Evan together, or at least keep them in close touch with one another will be important for all three boys.

Jayden and Evan will do best in an adoptive family with one or two strong maternal influences. An adoptive family who is active, loving, and excited to welcome Jayden and Evan and their brother Pia, either under one roof or separately, will be the best fit for them.

If you can see Jayden and Evan in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

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