Meet Rosie and Anna

These two kiddos are extremely bonded to each other and are looking forward to being in a home together for the rest of their childhood years. Rosie and Anna are great kids, super active, kind, and a total joy to be around. Any family would be lucky to have them join in and brighten up their lives.

Big sister Rosie is such a smart and inquisitive person. She’s a whiz when it comes to geography and directions, often remembering exactly how to get to a place after having visited just once or twice. She’s big on routine and will do well with an adoptive family who prioritizes that as well. Presently, she can tell you all about her daily routine from morning to night. Though Rosie and Anna are super close, one-on-one time with a caregiver is really important to Rosie. One-on-one time can include a board game or a puzzle -- whatever activity that gives her quality time and attention with her future parent(s).

Currently in the 1st grade, Rosie does well in school and would benefit from a solid friend group in her future! In kindergarten, Rosie received a perfect attendance award and was extremely proud of her accomplishment. She cares about school and it shows. An adoptive family who can encourage Rosie to keep on being successful in the classroom will be great for her.

Rosie is a super active kid who excels at basically everything she tries in the sport world. She particularly likes basketball and soccer, but will probably do great with any team sport. Rosie is naturally athletic and has great balance; she was able to ride a skateboard like a pro the very first time she tried. She’s also a superstar on monkey bars and loves to ride her bike.

Anna, Rosie’s little sister, looks up to her so much. They’re really close, as aforementioned, and Rosie has always been there for Anna. An adoptive family who will allow them to both be children and explore their interests and joys in life will be so beneficial for these kids.

Also very active and with unending energy, Anna loves to go outside and play as often as possible, though her main passion at this point is music. Anna loves music. She’s participated in young music programs in the past and really enjoys making and listening to music. Currently, there are numerous instruments that Anna likes to learn how to play and she loves to sing along as well. Anna would really thrive with the opportunity to join a music group or dance class, especially a group that incorporates her Native American heritage.

Anna does a half day of learning and is doing well in her classroom! When she enters elementary school, it would be great to have an adoptive family by her side to help her learn new rules and the importance of learning from the teacher.

These kiddos would do well in a two parent family with older siblings or where they can be the only children in the home. An adoptive family who is excited to teach Rosie and Anna how to stick to a routine and follow important rules will be great for them.

If you can see these wonderful kids in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find Rosie and Anna the adoptive family they deserve.

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