Meet Diamond

Diamond is a bright teenager with a sparkling personality and a great smile. She takes her school work seriously, as she aspires to be a vet and works hard to keep up her grades. Diamond absolutely adores animals and loves to care for them. She is great with both animals and little children and enjoys being in a caretaker role. Diamond loves the outdoors. She also likes to cook, read, watch movies, play video games, and do artwork. She likes to keep busy, but also enjoys drawing and listening to music when she wants some down time.

Diamond enjoys spending time with others and overall appreciates feeling cared for. She is easy to converse with as she has an easygoing personality. Diamond wants nothing more than to be with those that love her. Diamond longs to belong to a loving family, who supports her in her future endeavors and remains committed to her individuality. Diamond strives to do well and takes pride in bringing joy to others.

Diamond deserves adoptive parents who can help her deeply comprehend how wonderful she is. Her adoptive family will buoy her up with encouragement and positive reinforcement to embrace her great potential with equally great confidence.

Permanency is essential for Diamond to feel that she belongs to a family and to have a sense of security. Diamond needs to be able to develop a trusting relationship with a family. She would do best with a family that has a consistent routine and lots of time to invest in her. She would do well with a family that is patient and can be her cheerleader when guiding her through life.

Diamond attends the 8th grade and is diligent about her schoolwork. She is doing well and consistently gets good grades and she is proud of this! She knows that she must maintain good grades in order to reach her goals of becoming a veterinarian in the future. Diamond is social at school and has friends. She will thrive even more in school with a family's advocacy, hands-on involvement and support to continue striving and reaching academically. However, there is no lack of motivation for Diamond to work hard for the things she wants.

Diamond has a number of past relationships she may eventually choose to revisit or restructure over time. Diamond will do well with a nurturing, supportive adoptive family who can walk alongside her as she works towards establishing a strong foundation. Diamond is Hispanic and grew up for part of her life surrounded by her culture. She deserves a family that will continue to educate her on cultural activities and help her better understand her culture.

As she is a teenager, boundaries, routine, and consistency are what work well for Diamond, as well as helping her speak her mind and be heard. Knowing the expectations helps her to be successful. Keeping Diamond active not only keeps her spirits up but helps her from feeling tempted to hang out too much alone in her room. She is truly seeking that connection with an adult who adores her. Diamond is a creative and fun girl who has a good sense of humor and everyone enjoys the moments they get to share with her.

Diamond would do well with a family that remains committed to her and is able to provide the nurturing and guidance that she deserves. Diamond gets along with other children and loves helping her caregivers with small children. Diamond likes to join in family activities and longs to develop a trusting relationship and feel safe and secure. She longs to belong to a family that is committed to providing the boundaries that will guide her, as well as allowing her to pursue her own interests. With the right family - maybe even yours - Diamond will finally get the chance to truly shine!

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