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Diamond is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Sketchbooks filled: Over 50
Dream job: Working with kids or animals
Future pet: Either a dog or a ferret
Wants: To be adopted

Welcome to Diamond's In-Depth Profile, a teenage artist who wanted to share directly with potential adoptive families through some of her favorite creations. Diamond is thoughtful and intentional with her artwork and creates rich backstories to accompany the original characters (OCs) that appear in many of her pieces. A skilled multimedia artist, Diamond uses a stylus and tablet to create her digital artwork and has filled over 50 sketchbooks with her drawings on paper!

Listen to Diamond explain how she merged new lessons on landscapes with one of her original characters that represents some of her life experiences.

When she's not busy working on her latest masterpiece, you might find Diamond whipping up a sweet dessert, reading, watching movies or anime, spending time outdoors, or playing video games. Wii Sports or virtual reality games are her favorites! Diamond is a creative and fun girl who has a good sense of humor; everyone enjoys the moments they get to share with her. When Diamond needs a quiet moment to reset and recharge, she’ll often draw or listen to music.

Diamond's dragon series depicts a half-breed dragon who tries to bridge the worlds of humans and dragons, even at her own expense.

Diamond is in the 9th grade and is diligent about her schoolwork. She takes school seriously and consistently earns good grades, while acknowledging that she may need extra help with the trickier subjects like science and math. She will thrive even more with a family's advocacy, hands-on involvement, and support to continue striving for her goals academically. Diamond is a hard worker and there is no lack of motivation when it comes to the things she wants to achieve. Take when Diamond taught herself to draw realistic roses for example:

Let Diamond tell you how she practiced drawing dozens of realistic roses before achieving these final results!

Diamond has a number of past relationships she may eventually choose to revisit or restructure over time. Diamond will do well with a nurturing, supportive adoptive family who can walk alongside her as she works towards establishing a strong foundation. Diamond is Hispanic and grew up for part of her life surrounded by her culture. She deserves a family that will continue to educate her on cultural activities and help her better understand where she comes from.

Diamond enjoys spending time with others and appreciates feeling cared for. Those who are close to her know that she is easy to converse with and that she has an easygoing personality. Diamond wants to be part of a loving family who will support her in her future endeavors and remain committed to her individuality. It's also important to her to have a family that is LGBTQ+ accepting.

This collaboration piece between Diamond and her best friend combines their art styles featuring colors - blue, pink, and purple - from both the transgender and bisexual pride flags.

Some of Diamond's friends are also artists, and she enjoys collaborating with them to create shared pieces like the one above. Diamond is close with her friends and made it a point to let potential families know that it's important for her to be able to hang out with her friends. One last thing to know about Diamond is that she absolutely adores animals. She is great with both animals and little children, and wants to work with at least one of those populations in the future, maybe as a vet! She wants potential adoptive families to know that she is ready to care for a pet of her own, either a dog (corgis are her favorite) or a ferret. She likes being the only child of a family, but also thinks that it can get a little lonely without other kids or teens around. If Diamond had a choice, she would want siblings who are older than her!

A family that has a consistent routine and lots of time to invest in her would be the best fit for Diamond. Boundaries, routine, and consistency are what work best for Diamond, as well as helping her to speak her mind and be heard. Knowing what is expected of her also helps Diamond to be successful. She would do well with a family that is patient and can be her cheerleader when guiding her through life. Either a single parent or two-parent family would be a good fit for Diamond! She is ready to belong to a family that is committed to providing the boundaries that will guide her, as well as allowing her to pursue her own interests. With the right family - maybe even yours - Diamond will be able to shine even more brightly than she already does!

Beyond the Profile: Getting to know Diamond while she developed her In-Depth Profile was nothing short of an honor and a privilege. The vision for her finished profile shifted multiple times, but what never shifted was how much Diamond wanted to share with potential families herself. She doesn't usually share this much of her artwork or the accompanying stories with others, which just makes her profile all the more special and brave. Even though Diamond chose artwork as her medium to share with families, she also wanted to make sure that families saw her as a whole person, and not just as an artist. Diamond persevered through a pandemic, many technical issues, and other barriers to create the profile before you today. We sincerely hope that her perseverance will pay off and that the right family is out there, ready to provide Diamond with the permanency she so deserves!

-Youth Engagement Specialist, Naomi Kolb-Untinen

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