Meet Maserati "Mazi" and Impression "DeDe"

Maserati, who goes by “Mazi”, and Impression, who goes by “DeDe," are a wonderful duo of siblings that love each other very much. With Mazi’s big beaming smile, she definitely fits the role of leader as an older sister! She loves to protect her younger brother and to make sure he knows that she is older. DeDe has a big, beautiful smile and likes to keep his hair neat and trimmed.

Spunky and witty, Mazi can be the center of attention at some times and at other times, quite shy. It takes her awhile to warm up and feel comfortable with new people. A skilled dancer and music fan, you can find her singing, dancing, and making music videos of herself. Mazi is an animal lover and the dog in her current home seeks her out for attention and love. Mazi has loved playing basketball for the past few seasons and also adores the ocean and swimming. She finds it very calming and is a true water lover. When Mazi feels safe and has a predictable environment, she is free and able to shine bright, both at home and at school.

Mazi tends to gravitate towards adults. She can be quite sophisticated and advanced - which helps her relate to adults in particular! Like her brother, she loves to learn, provided her environment feels calm and comfortable. In her current school setting she has made tremendous progress! Very smart and motivated, some additional support and stability helps her to do her best.

Quiet, polite DeDe can be shy until he gets to know you. Once he feels comfortable, he can be very chatty and engaging. He likes to play outside and ride his bike or scooter. DeDe loves to bounce on a trampoline or make up games with the neighbor kids. He also really enjoys participating in martial arts classes. DeDe thrives on acceptance and approval from adults. He likes to please others and at times needs a lot of encouragement or reassurance to do things that he knows that he can do. Very social, he loves both adults and kids. He likes to have friends and would really benefit from a male role model in his life.

DeDe is very eager to learn and loves to do well in school. He has been an honor roll student for quite some time now and enjoys school.

DeDe is working hard to understand the concepts of permanency and adoption. DeDe needs a home where he can get the attention that he needs from adults and one that can help him cultivate and support his various interests. His future adoptive family should be willing to give him time to attach and feel comfortable before he is ready to open up. He would love to live in a neighborhood with other children where he can meet friends and play outside.

Mazi and DeDe love each other very much. They are eager to know where they will grow up and it is important that they grow up together. They need a devoted family that will allow them time to bond and attach. They also need a family that can nurture their close but sometimes typically squabbly sibling relationship. Some of the things they like to do together are play basketball, jump on the trampoline, ride bikes, and play tag. They enjoy road trips and attending college football games with their current foster parent. Their current foster family has taken them on road trips all over the state and the Pacific Northwest. They also love to eat out at restaurants and go on coffee dates. They’re even comfortable ordering for themselves!

The family that is right for Mazi and DeDe will be able to support them and explore what else is out there that they could benefit from. They will be able to advocate for Mazi in school and continue to help her grow. This family will also be able to help DeDe find his voice and make his impression on the world. Both kids love extracurricular activities, and this would be beneficial to continue. A family with no children or only much older kids would be the best fit for both Mazi and DeDe. They also need parents that are open to some form of contact with those relationships that are already important to them.

Mazi and DeDe are a fun pair who love adventure and crave a permanent family to call their own. It is essential that their new adoptive parents are 100% committed to them. These kids have made so much progress in recent times and that is likely to continue with a family that is ready to share their lives for good. It would be ideal if a family could be found that would allow for a transition over the summer so the children could settle in before the next school year. They both have so much love to give and are fun and happy children.

Update: The children are really enjoying being home on quarantine and playing together and leaning on each other as their only friends of the moment that they have contact with. They have enjoyed riding bikes together, bouncing on their trampoline together and getting outside. They have also been making DIY videos on YouTube. In these videos, they have been doing crafts, putting together Lego sets, making jewelry, making slime and putting together dances. They have had a lot of fun doing these videos together. Both kids have been able to practice social distancing and understand the need to do so.

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