Meet Toni

A talented athlete, Toni is super motivated by his love of the game – well, of the games. He has played a lot of different sports in his day and is serious about continuing his passion and honing in on his talents. Previously, Toni played on a football team and he would really like to get back into that as a high schooler. Recently, he has been playing a lot of recreational football and has proudly reported that he has scored several touchdowns. Toni also wants to play on the basketball team for his high school.

Beyond sports, Toni is really motivated to learn some independent living skills. He’s been working on his resume, with the support of some of his mentors, and is really keen on becoming a barista! Toni has been doing kitchen work at his current home and says it’s going well; hopefully it’s a natural transition into the world of coffee. With a fresh, up-to-date resume and kitchen skills, barista-ing makes perfect sense for Toni’s next move.

Currently in his freshman year of high school, Toni does really well in school when he wants to be successful. He has made incredible strides recently and will likely continue to thrive with the love and support of the right adoptive family.

Toni is very bonded to his two biological brothers. An adoptive family who will prioritize maintaining those relationships will be essential.

Toni will do well in most family configurations, though an adoptive family who is able to keep Toni connected to his African American heritage will be necessary. Toni will do well in a family who is great at setting guidelines, having open communication, and who loves to get outside to play together!

If you can see Toni in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Toni as part of your family?

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