Meet Toni

Toni is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Favorite sport: Football
Likes writing: Poems and affirmations
Future goal: Graduating high school
Looking for: A permanent family

Toni is a teen with an eye towards the future. He has goals for himself (graduating high school) and excitement for his next couple years (getting back on the football field with a team, for example). He is a great athlete with a deep love for sports. In the past, he's also played basketball - and he keeps up with as many as he can in his free time. He has played running back and linebacker, and when asked who his game is most modeled after - Ezekiel Elliott, he says, of the Dallas Cowboys (but don't be fooled, he's a Kansas City Chiefs fan at heart!). He's motivated by a work ethic to improve, grow, and succeed, on and off the field.

Toni is also invested in finding a permanent family for himself. As a teen in foster care, he is focused on finding a place to call home that will fit him best. It's one of the reasons Toni said "yes" to creating his own In-Depth Profile. He wants families to hear from him, so he can share about who he is and what's he's looking for in his future. Toni was very involved in every aspect of his In-Depth Profile - brainstorming, creating, and reviewing - making the choices about how he wants to be known.

Toni has gotten into writing as he's gotten older. Hear what he has to say about it!

Beyond sports, Toni is really motivated to grow as a person, including learning a number of independent living skills. He’s been working on his resume, with the support of some of his mentors, and is really keen on becoming a barista! Toni has been doing kitchen work at his current home and says it’s going well; hopefully it’s a natural transition into the world of coffee when he can begin looking for a job. With a fresh, up-to-date resume and kitchen skills, barista-ing makes perfect sense for Toni’s next move. Toni is also taking a culinary class and is learning how to interact with customers, set tables, and cater events.

Currently heading into his junior year of high school, Toni is a bright kid who does really well in school when he wants to be successful. He has made incredible strides recently and is eager to be back in in-person school. He's proud of the GPA he keeps and the energy he's invested into school. Toni is also passionate about his own writing. In his free time, he writes his own poems and positive affirmations (featured here on his In-Depth Profile!). Not only is it a helpful tool for his own processing, he has so much talent at it!

Toni is funny and engaging and connects easily with people. His goals for himself include landing with a permanent family, who can help keep him on track and support him as he grows in his teenage years. He deserves to find an experienced, loving, supportive family who is excited to cheer him on and help guide him toward his goals.

Toni loves to joke around with anyone he's with, including a future family.

Toni’s team thinks he’ll do well in most family configurations, though a family who is able to keep Toni connected to his African American heritage will be essential. If you can see Toni in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the home and family he deserves.

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