Meet Jesse

Jesse is an introspective person and a great conversationalist. According to his social worker, he “thinks about things deeply and asks good questions,” which is a beautiful compliment, and one that many people who know Jesse would agree with.

Currently in the 5th grade, Jesse is a really bright and articulate kid who would benefit from the support of an adoptive family to encourage and motivate him when it comes to his future. He does well in school and works hard to tackle the tougher subjects like math and writing.

For fun, Jesse loves to play with Legos and collect Beyblades and Pokémon cards. He’ll also never turn down some quality video game time! Jesse is also a super active and energetic kid who loves to get outside. He really enjoys spending any time out in nature, and particularly enjoys fishing.

In the past, Jesse has played football and is currently interested in basketball. An adoptive family who likes to play sports and be active in the community will be a good fit for Jesse.

Jesse has a close relationship with his biological sister. An adoptive family who will help Jesse keep that important bond will be essential.

Jesse does really want to be adopted. He would do well with one or two parents and a family where he can either be the only child or the youngest of much older siblings. An adoptive family who can be patient, kind, and provide lots of guidelines for Jesse will be a great fit for him. He’s a wonderful kid who deserves to find the right adoptive family.

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