Meet Jacob and Noah

Jacob and Noah are two great brothers who can’t wait to be adopted together in the same home. Both boys have very sweet smiles and love to laugh! Though they are currently placed in separate homes, they are very eager to be adopted together. Jacob tells everyone that he wants to live with Noah and is very much looking forward to being adopted with his brother.

Jacob is described by many people as a sweet kid. He tries hard to please his caregivers and loves to help with chores in the home and play with his brother and other kids. He is easy-going with a great sense of humor. Jacob loves Hot Wheels and little army men toys. He also enjoys Legos and watching Lego videos on YouTube. Open to trying new things, Jacob recently enjoyed watching the play Alice in Wonderland. He also gets very excited about all different kinds of foods! Although pasta and lasagna are two of his favorites, he also gets jazzed about stir fry, salad, meat loaf, and more. Jacob generally says whatever comes into his head and is often making people laugh with his silly commentary.

Jacob enjoys going to church and often asks to attend. He enjoys personal connection and playing with other children. He says that when he is adopted with his brother, he wants to go to movie theaters, see the ocean, and go camping. He needs a family that can provide him with structure and support and who focuses on the positives in life. Jacob needs a parent(s) who is understanding, calm, and not fazed easily, and who can be very supportive even during the tough times.

Noah is a fun, loving little brother. Quiet and reserved, he takes a bit of time to warm up but is starting to come out of his shell more and more. Noah loves to build and create, and busily plays with blocks and trains. He enjoys helicopters and Donald Duck. There are younger children in his home and he is very loving with them. He also enjoys his time with Jacob and looks forward to their time together. One of Noah’s favorite expressions is saying, “what the heck?” in a silly tone. Noah loves boxed macaroni and cheese and also enjoys chocolate cake! Like Jacob, Noah needs a parent who is calm in the heart of the storm. While he often depends on his caregivers to know what he wants, he is working on ways to assert and express himself, and to continue making progress. Noah is able to form strong, rewarding relationships with adults and children and adores the people he is comfortable with.

Both boys deserve a family’s full attention to fill their lives with joy and love.

Jacob and Noah are very bonded, and Jacob is a good big brother who is quite protective. They enjoy spending time with one another. Jacob gets a kick out of making Noah laugh by doing silly things. They play well together and Jacob is able to communicate clearly with Noah when he isn’t having a good time. Jacob encourages Noah to make good choices and reminds him if he’s making a choice that is not okay. Since Noah is quite shy, Jacob will speak for Noah in order to ensure Noah’s needs are met. Because they are not accustomed to living in the same home, they will need encouragement and support to rebuild a relationship as siblings that live together. Both children have expressed missing each other and have a strong desire to be reunited.

The family that is the best fit for these guys can dedicate the time to helping them both as siblings and as individuals. The right family will have the energy, attention and dedication to understand their unique needs and their needs as brothers and will assist them in their growth and development. Jacob and Noah would very much like a home where they can grow up together.

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