Meet Maria

As a born performer, Maria absolutely delights in putting on elaborate shows for other people. Her big imagination and genuine charm is further assurance that her stage presence is definitely worth checking out. Maria enjoys make-believe and imaginary play and is really quite skilled at developing complex skits starring herself as the main character. It’s important to be the protagonist of your own life.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, gymnastics and dance are Maria’s favorite athletic activities and she would love to take lessons to hone in on those skills. Given her fun, competitive nature, Maria also likes playing (and winning!) games. An adoptive family who is always up for a game night would be a great fit for Maria.

As a curious young kid, Maria tends to be drawn to anything that stretches her creativity, such as fashion and make-up. Maria enjoys being social and seems to get along well with her peers. She has been invited to several of her classmates’ parties and loves to be included! Maria loves pets, particularly dogs. She has openly expressed that she would love to have a cat, a dog (especially a pug), or a lion! Maria really wants to be a vet when she grows up, as long as she never has to put an animal to sleep. She would do well with an adoptive family who is eager to teach her all of the ins and outs of properly caring for a pet!

Currently in the 3rd grade, Maria’s rich vocabulary and bright nature is much appreciated in school. She is able to articulate her likes and dislikes and is a great self-advocate. One of Maria’s former teachers said that she “notices other children and also advocates for them.” The same teacher went on to say that Maria is very emotionally intelligent. She’s gained a lot of confidence on some tougher subjects like reading and is doing a great job in school over all.

On her own accord, Maria has been trying to eat a mostly vegetarian diet. An adoptive family that will support that as she continues to decide what she feels comfortable eating would be really beneficial for her future. Maria is also really interested in gardening and finds that it calms her to learn how to make things grow.

Maria does have a few biological connections that are potentially important to her throughout her life, including her biological mom and siblings. An adoptive family who will support those connections will be important. Because of her relationships with her biological family, Maria would like to stay as local as possible.

Maria would do well with a single mother or a two parent family with a strong maternal presence where she can be the only child, especially because she really wants her own room. Personal space is important to Maria, but so is love and affection. Maria is excited to be adopted by a family that likes to have fun and is excited to go to the mall, watch movies, and maybe even make YouTube videos together. Going to church together as a family is also really important to Maria.

If you can see Maria in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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