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We all have heroes. To Sarah, the University of Washington gymnastics team ranks pretty high on her list. She admires the team and what they’re capable of and really looks up to them. Sarah herself is an excellent gymnast and being on a gymnastics team has helped her build self-esteem and confidence. She is so proud of the ribbons she’s won and will excitedly show them off.

In general, Sarah is really talkative and likes to connect with others. She is proud of her talents—besides gymnastics, Sarah enjoys art, knitting, and singing. Sarah is also a voracious reader and is always eager to discuss the latest book she’s reading. Most recently, Sarah has discovered the Harry Potter and Babysitter’s Club book series.

Sarah has a terrific sense of humor and is very curious about the world around her. She is kind, caring, artistic, and creative. She loves having hobbies and has recently enjoyed cooking. An adoptive family who likes to spend time with each other in the kitchen would be really fun for Sarah and her growing culinary skills. When she isn’t flipping around the mat or reading a new book, Sarah also enjoys playing video games, watching movies, spending time outdoors, and cheering on her cousin at baseball games. Sports are a big part of Sarah’s life, too. She is an avid Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners fan.

Currently in the 4th grade, Sarah does great in school. She’s a very bright kid and enjoys helping her teacher and lunch provider, both who enjoy Sarah’s company immensely. Sarah would do well with an adoptive family who will encourage her to stay focused and help her find her motivation during those times when she is less enthusiastic about a subject. Sarah has a future dream of attending Washington State University one day.

Sarah has a relationship with her extended biological family. An adoptive family who will support those bonds will be essential.

Sarah will do well in a local adoptive family with a single mom or two parents who are excited to spend time with Sarah and encourage her various hobbies and talents. Sarah would do well as the only child or the oldest sibling of younger kiddos.

If you can see Sarah in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Portraits by Matt Browning in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

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