Meet Natalie

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Natalie is a wonderful, reserved person who enjoys being with her friends, having sleepovers, and going shopping. She loves being outside, especially camping and swimming. Natalie says the forest is her happy place. Natalie is a voracious reader and enjoys a wide variety of books. It’ll be important for her to have ready access to a library. Natalie likes animals and has made it clear she wants to be able to get a cat in her new home. She has participated in sports in the past but currently doesn’t have an interest in that right now. Natalie has a lovely singing voice and used to participate in choir, which could be a great activity for her.

Natalie is a really amazing person who would benefit from a family who can help her recognize her value and worth, even on down days. Natalie is understandably careful with her feelings and likes to take her time as she gets to know someone new. Natalie needs safety and respect from the adults around her to be able to express herself on her own terms. She needs a calm and supportive presence in her life. Natalie is helpful, kind, and has a good sense of humor.

Natalie is currently a freshman in high school and doing well in her classes. She is capable of keeping up in her work in school with the usual homework reminders. She is still exploring her long-term goals in terms of a career or if she wants to go to college. She needs a family who can help her identify her strengths and interest and to allow herself to enjoy those activities. Natalie needs patience and gentle persistence from a family that is truly committed to her. A healthy relationship with a father figure will be key and incredibly beneficial to her as she grows.

Natalie has a number of important relationships with relatives and others who have been in her life. She needs her adoptive family to rally supportively around maintaining these connections. For the transition to her adoptive home, her current foster family will need to be a big part of ongoing support. Natalie has done incredibly well in their home and it will be important for her new family to have some of the similar characteristics and parenting style to help her succeed.

Natalie has asked for a home without any other younger children, so she can take in a family’s full attention and focus. However, she would do well in a home with other teenage girls. As noted, Natalie desperately wants her own cat and has made that a very high priority. A two-parent home with a father figure who is present and able to roll with the ups and downs of teen life would also be a great fit for her; she has clearly stated that she wants at least one father figure. Parents should be open to frank but “chill” conversations about teen topics!

Natalie is a really neat teen who just needs the right adoptive family (and cat) that she deserves.

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