Meet Lukas, Jennessa, McKenna, and Dylanie

McKenna, Lukas, Jennessa and Dylanie are four wonderful kids waiting for a home that can raise them all together. McKenna, Lukas and Jennessa are triplets while Dylanie is the youngest. They need adoptive parents who have the time, space and energy to devote to them.

Smart and self-directed McKenna is mature and has a kind heart. She was the first of the triplets to be born! She is very friendly and can make a friend where ever she goes. She has a happy disposition that others are naturally drawn to. She has many interests and finds ways to engage others in those interests. She enjoys sewing and being creative and loves to ride her bike. McKenna has such a strong desire to do well and to please others that she needs help at times remembering that she doesn’t have to be perfect.

The second of the triplets born is Lukas. He is creative, inquisitive and friendly. Outgoing and full of energy, he can talk a mile a minute and enjoys playing outside. He has a newfound love of bugs and insects and is very interested in science, technology, and how things work. He does well in school and loves anything involving math. He seeks out and enjoys receiving praise from his caregivers. Lukas needs loving, firm caregivers and does very well with clear structure and expectations.

Jennessa was the last triplet born. She loves to be around people and is very friendly with both kids and adults. She is a thoughtful young girl who has an infectious personality. An art lover, she is creative and has a unique sense of style. She likes to write and illustrate stories and has a great imagination. Jennessa wants so much to be liked and included.

The triplets are working hard to learn, catch up, and get exposure to everything from social time to friendships to scholastics in school! An adoptive family who can champion their educational careers will be great.

Energetic and outgoing Dylanie embraces new experiences and loves snuggles and hugs. She adores water and swimming and is currently taking lessons. She attends preschool and is making a great deal of progress in her current home and is accumulating so many new skills.

These loving siblings have a strong desire to be all together under one roof with their adoptive family. They are excited to be together when they spend time with one another and are very affectionate.

These children need a strong adoptive family who has not only the time to devote individually to them but also the desire to help the children learn to live together as siblings. They need a caregiver that can provide strong boundaries and anticipate their needs while remaining calm, loving, and firm. A prospective caregiver will also need to help them stay connected to their biological father. Their family will need to have a lot of energy to devote to them with ample support around them. These siblings must have both reliable and stable caregivers.

All of the children are very lovable and are looking forward to strengthening their bond as a sibling group once adopted together. They will need a slow transition and ongoing support in an adoptive home and the right family will be open to this. If you can see these four wonderful kids in your home, reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

Could you see Lukas, Jennessa, McKenna, and Dylanie as part of your family?

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