Meet Carlos

With a positive attitude and an open mind, Carlos is a great kid who is going to make a wonderful addition to the right adoptive family. Carlos is generous and helpful, and with the support of the right family, he will thrive.

A really good book, a nice set of Legos, or a complex craft project are all things Carlos is drawn to – though he is especially drawn to stimulating activities. Word games and science projects are two of his favorite endeavors. The intricacy of a word game and the elaborate details of a science project are just what a kid like Carlos needs to be challenged and invigorated. Carlos also really enjoys playing computer games and creating art.

Currently in the 2nd grade, Carlos is most successful when he has one-on-one attention and support from his teachers and mentors. He has recently started to explore new skills that help him to be successful throughout his school day and his day at home. Carlos is a pretty social kid and prefers to interact in small groups or with one friend at a time.

Carlos has a very close relationship with his biological brothers. The right adoptive family will support these bonds throughout Carlos’s life, as they are very significant to him.

Adoptive families who are skilled at setting clear expectations, providing positive reinforcement, and being the biggest Carlos cheerleaders will be the best fit for this awesome kid. Carlos can be really respectful and is working on learning more about boundaries and following directions. He is really drawn to warm, positive people and will do really in a home with two parents, preferably with a strong male role model. He will do okay with older kids in the home, especially brothers, or as the only child – as long as he is receiving the quality attention he deserves.

If you can see Carlos in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Portraits by Tom Wolken in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

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