Meet Aaron

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Introducing Aaron! Aaron is full of bright energy and limitless imagination. Aaron dreams of being an inventor when he grows up. Aaron loves action heroes, comics, reading books, visiting the library, riding his bicycle, and playing with animals. Aaron loves to spend quiet time alone building anything out of Legos that he can dream up.Aaron has a sweet smile and is generally polite and kind-hearted. Skilled in the art of silly jokes and expressing affection, Aaron has a big heart and loves to give hugs and tell everyone how awesome they are. Aaron has played soccer and basketball in the past and would like the opportunity to play sports again. He loves movies and video games so much that like many youth he does best when his caregivers can help him manage his screen time.

In the 4th grade, Aaron is performing well in school. He is bright and intelligent and loves inventing things! He is very curious and willing to ask questions to learn more about topics that interest him. Aaron does best in a supported learning environment.

A recent and very responsible fish and bird owner, Aaron also participated in 4H with a baby lamb. Aaron benefited from the mastery of working with animals; he loved learning about them and understanding their needs and how to meet them and taking care of animals helped his confidence grow. Aaron would be thrilled to live in a home with a pet or spend more time with animals in the community.

Food is important to Aaron as he loves to eat and have snacks available to him. Aaron would love to learn some cooking/baking skills or how to prepare his own meals.

Aaron has people in his life who deeply care about him and wish for him to be successful, happy and healthy. It is important to Aaron that he have an adoptive family that will support these connections including his younger siblings who will be in another adoptive placement.

Aaron excels in an environment where there is a consistent schedule and structured routines. He does best when he knows what to expect and what is expected of him. Aaron thrives when he is receiving consistent nurturing and physical affection. He needs a family that can give some solid cuddle time, lots of hugs, and that verbally shares their love as a family. One of Aaron’s favorite things is being tucked in at night with story time and getting one last hug before bed.

Aaron would do best in a home where he is the only child or with older siblings who could act as positive role models for Aaron. Aaron would thrive in a home where he could receive individual attention and loving, nurturing affection. Homes that he has done well in are described as warm, affectionate, calm, and consistent.

Aaron has been excitedly telling everyone he meets that he is going to be adopted! He is wishing for a family that will vacation or camp together, play board games, cook good meals, and tuck him in at night. Aaron values spending quality time with those he cares about and thrives on quality time and positive attention.

Do you have a stable and predictable home that will welcome him, recognize his limitless potential, and help him achieve his dream of being part of a loving and safe family? The adoptive family who can see this potential and who is willing to make a lasting commitment to Aaron will delight in getting to know this fun, imaginative, and affectionate kid.

Could you see Aaron as part of your family?

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