Meet Sierra

To really connect with yourself and express your emotions, what outlet do you prefer? Sierra, who is very adept at expressing herself, prefers to draw it out. As Sierra has discovered drawing as a creative outlet, she has really found encouragement in being more open about her experiences and feelings. Though she also writes stories, Sierra feels more of a pull toward drawing as she continues to learn about herself.Sierra is able to communicate when she has big feelings and really values mindfulness when she’s having a tough day. Sierra has put in a ton of work to meet her personal goals and is eager to be in a place she can definitely call home.

In school, Sierra’s teachers tend to have nothing but positive feedback to share. Sierra is a happy and respectful kid who really enjoys her peers and friends. As she navigates both education during a pandemic and high school, having an adoptive family to cheer her on would be so beneficial.

For fun, you can usually find Sierra listening to music or coloring for some nice peace and quiet.

A very significant aspect of Sierra’s life is her cultural identity. She’s very connected with her cultural roots and enjoys any chance she gets to participate in activities rooted in her Native American culture. Recently, she was able to attend a sweat lodge ceremony and really likes to engage in singing and drumming. An adoptive family who will participate in cultural activities with her will be really important.

Sierra will do well in any family configuration. She gets along well with kids her own age and would do fine with siblings or as the only child. Most importantly, a family who shares Sierra’s cultural background, or is willing to learn and experience cultural events with her will be the best fit.

If you can see Sierra in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Could you see Sierra as part of your family?

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