Meet Shyhaila

Special Note: Guardianship Family Needed

Shyhaila is waiting for a loving, committed family who can provide long lasting care. While adoption is not a culturally appropriate option, she still needs permanency through a guardianship family. Learn more about Guardianship or Long Term Foster Care here. Learn more about the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) process and considerations when fostering, adopting or becoming a guardian for Native American or Alaskan Native children here.

Shyhaila, who also goes by Shy or Shyhails, is a talented young lady waiting to join her permanent family via a legal guardianship. Shy is a proud enrolled member of her Klamath Tribe. While a Native family is of preference, what the Tribe feels is most important is keeping Shy physically close and actively connected to her local Klamath Tribal community. Therefore, all families of any race or culture can potentially be considered if they can fulfill this vital and local role.

While reserved at first, once she’s comfortable Shy reveals her luminous smile and sweet, outgoing nature. Shy has many interests including puzzles and movies, swimming, riding bikes, fishing, and she just generally loves to be outside. Shy also enjoys baking and helping out with dinner and other kitchen duties. She has recently found that she really enjoys shopping and is developing an interest in fashion. She loves to eat strawberries and pizza, and wants to travel. A middle schooler, Shy reports that she enjoys school. She is currently interested in social studies at school. With a little extra support, she is making positive progress with her academics.

Shy also likes pets! She would love to have a cat in her new home and family. Shy loves to be outdoors, and enjoys camping and hiking, so an active family would be a good fit for her. Shy has said she does not want to live in the “big city” and wouldn’t mind living in a big house that has a large backyard.

Shy’s involvement with the Klamath Tribe is very important, and should remain a priority in her life. Shy has many important relationships with people that she will need to stay connected to. It is imperative that her permanent family be able to support her in maintaining these connections no matter where Shy ends up living. It is also critical that Shy be able to maintain her strong connections with her local community.

A loving, predictable, and stable family, particularly where there is a female caregiver she can bond closely with would be ideal for Shy. She would do best as an only child as she deserves to be the sole focus of adoring adults. Shy needs a family who will be able to help her make new friends, have fun, and build new skills all at once. She is a warm and loving child who likes physical affection and hugs with her trusted and loving adult caregivers, but she also values boundaries. Shy does well with clear expectations, consistent routines and visual prompts and reminders. Shy’s foster parent reports that she can be a strong advocate for herself when she wants something, and that knowing expectations is very helpful for her.

Shy needs a family that can help her continue to develop a strong and positive self-concept, including feeling able to talk about and embrace her Klamath identity. Her guardianship resource does not need to be from a particular race or culture, but must be supportive and encouraging of Shy in developing her own identity and exploring her Tribal heritage and what it means to her.

Shy is a great girl in need of a lasting family to permanently connect with her and her Tribe, and to join her circle of support. Shy longs for a family to fill, and re-fill, her bucket with stability, love, and permanency. This caring and funny young lady will brighten any home she lives in with her shining spirit.

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