Meet Theo

Theo is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that gives youth in foster care the leading voice in finding their own adoptive family. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Self-proclaimed: Harry Potter fan
Loves: Music, especially guitar
Enthusiastic about: Adoption
Family must-have: Sense of humor

Theo was the director and star of his own adoption video for families.

Theo's spirited, bubbly personality is contagious, in the best kind of way. He is full of enthusiasm and goofiness – always ready to crack a joke, quote a favorite movie line, or burst into another song lyric. A smile is never far from your face when you’re around Theo.

A self-described Harry Potter fanatic (his favorite book is the sixth one), Theo loves to read and write. In school, math and literature are his favorite subjects. He does well in school, especially when he has a positive teacher or mentor to encourage him. Recently, he has excelled in the classroom and is doing better than ever.

Theo has a strong connection with music, with a number of favorite bands and songs, and is also learning how to play the guitar himself. Theo has a big heart for animals, particularly horses, and hopes to work for or being involved with animal rescue efforts someday

Tasked to describe himself, Theo says: "Fun and helpful, nice, and a lot of energy!"

Those who know him best also describe a teenager with a deep heart for others who invests a lot of emotion and care into those around him.

Theo is a transgender boy. He is very open with this information about his identity, and has specifically asked for it to be shared as a part of his adoption recruitment. He has become a strong advocate for himself and has been able to thoughtfully engage others around him during this transition. When asked how a family can best support him, he replies: “Just acceptance…I’ve always felt like this, I just didn’t know what to make of it.”

Theo is enthusiastic about being adopted. In addition to an adoptive family supporting his transgender identity, Theo will thrive in a family that is able to listen well and validate his feelings, spend quality time together, and take an interest in what he is passionate about. A very consistent home environment with clear expectations, rules, and limits, and plenty of nurturing and positive parenting will help Theo thrive.

Theo loves Washington and hopes his forever family lives right here in the Evergreen State, but he is willing to explore other areas for the right family. If you are a committed, nurturing couple (of any makeup) or a single parent who enjoys and works well with teenagers – providing encouragement, positive direction, and good humor, Theo’s worker wants to hear from you! Make sure you don’t miss the video above that Theo helped create, and contact us soon to learn more.

Beyond the Profile: I can’t stress enough that the Theo who spills off the screen in his own video – full of fun, humor, authenticity, and courage – is the exact Theo I got to meet during our time together. Theo was full of ideas about what he could share with potential families to help them get to know him. His interests, his story, involvement from adults who know him well – you name it. Theo was more than just a collaborator on his project, he was a leader. We’re humbled he has trusted us to help share his story, so families can get a real glimpse into who he is and hopefully make a real, lasting connection with him.

-NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist, Nick Baumgartner

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