Meet Joziah and Kystelle

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Joziah and Kystelle are ready for a family to embrace them permanently. These two children are eager to please and will beam you a huge smile when their hard work and kindness is noticed. Both siblings enjoy playing games, snuggling, and having one-on-one attention. They also love peaceful activities like yoga and deep breathing. These two have amazing manners and love to go out to eat. Joziah and Kystelle enjoy being with younger children and are drawn to animals.

Older brother Joziah is more contemplative and introverted. He is really into card games like War, or board games like Sorry or Trouble, or something interactive like Legos. He idolizes superheroes, and even dressed up as Captain America last year. Joziah loves to read! He has participated with the Oregon Battle of the Books and was even top of his team. Joziah also really enjoys Minecraft.

Extroverted Kystelle is a bouncy, be-bopping here and there kind-of-girl. Kystelle loves physical activities where she can be moving, like dancing, playing outside, blowing bubbles, swinging, or playing tag. She also loves music! Her favorite board games include Candyland or Connect Four. Kystelle also enjoys watching Joziah play Minecraft and trying to follow along with her big brother.

Joziah and Kystelle are ready for adoptive parents to love and care for them. Oodles and oodles of individualized attention, and reliable routines are key for these kiddos. An adoptive family who can go with the flow is important. Both children benefit greatly from very involved parents who can dive deeply into everything from school advocacy to fun play.

Joziah and Kystelle have important relationships, from relatives to former caregivers, that they will need to stay connected with.

Joziah and Kystelle will do best in an adoptive family where they are the only children or where there are much older siblings and they can be the youngest. Joziah and Kystelle will also need an adoptive family that will invest wholeheartedly in these children and stay committed to loving and supporting them. It will be important for an adoptive family to be committed to actively engage in a patient transition process.

Joziah and Kystelle are both great, loving children. They would love an adoptive family that provides warmth, hugs, and that sits outside eating popsicles or ice cream cones with them! An adoptive family that can handle big, wonderful feelings and that will play board games again and again as a family. Is this your family? Reach out if you can see these kiddos in yours!

Could you see Joziah and Kystelle as part of your family?

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