Meet Sadie

If there is a chance to make a new friend, Sadie will be there. An incredibly social kid, Sadie really likes to spend as much time as possible with her friends, whether that is in or outside of school. Activities that she can do with her friends – like get her nails done, or practice putting on makeup – is particularly appealing to this really fun kid.

As she enters middle school in the fall, Sadie continues to show a high interest in school. Yes, some of that is because school is a social place, and Sadie is a people-person, but she also enjoys learning. An adoptive family who will help motivate and guide Sadie in her studies throughout her middle and high school years will be really beneficial for her. Sadie is really interested in participating in before and after school programs, as well as in youth group at her local church. The busier, the better!

In her free time, Sadie enjoys spending time with her friends, listening to music, swimming, running, and horseback riding. In fact, she’s been taking horseback riding lessons twice a week and has expressed an interest in potentially competing in the future! An animal lover through and through, Sadie also volunteers once a week at her local shelter. She expresses a deep love and understanding of animals and takes seriously the responsibility that comes with owning and caring for a pet.

Sadie has a close relationship with a couple of members of her biological family. An adoptive family who will support those bonds throughout her life will be essential.

An adoptive family who will encourage and guide Sadie with love and security will be a great fit for this awesome kid. It is important to Sadie that she be adopted by a family who will support her involvement with her Native American and Hispanic culture. Sadie is a great, helpful, responsible kid who is eager to find the right adoptive family.

If you can envision Sadie in yours, reach out to us! We are excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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