Meet Aiden

This bright-eyed boy loves playing Minecraft, watching funny YouTube videos, being outdoors exploring, and riding his bike. Aiden can be gregarious, and when he smiles he lights up the room. He has a wonderful laugh and an adventurous spirit. Aiden can often be found outdoors searching for bugs and trying to figure out what kind of insect it is and how it lives. Aiden has a scientific mind and is curious about how things work, how things came to be, and how they could be different. He is a smart cookie! Aiden also enjoys playing with his super hero action figures and engaging in imaginative play. Aiden is athletic and strong. He is really good at rock climbing at the local rock gym! In fact, they say he has a natural talent. Aiden is a great kid who just needs a calm, stable, and loving environment to really shine.

Aiden does not have any known health issues at this time and is also on track academically.

Aiden has one biological brother that he is very close to, for whom there is a separate adoption plan. He will need ongoing and significant contact with his brother. He also has a good relationship with other relatives, and with some previous caregivers. The family that adopts Aiden will need to be open and supportive of these relationships.

Aiden prefers the natural peace and quiet of nature and the outdoors versus crowded, chaotic situations or busy environments. He thrives on being engaged with a genuinely caring and involved adult, rather than the chaos of a crowd. He needs to know that someone is totally tuned in and looking out for him always. He will do best with mellow adoptive parents who still have the calm, regulated energy to keep up with a child who likes to explore the wilderness. His adoptive parents need to be patient with the healing process and to understand the challenges of new beginnings. Aiden likes the idea of siblings, but would do well – and possibly even better - as an only child.

Aiden would like a family that lives in a forested area or out in the country. He would like a home that allows animals, as he really likes animals. Aiden would like a sibling of similar age to play with.He has expressed hopes for a mom and a dad. Aiden states, “if I could find a family that liked finding and learning about bugs I would be extra happy!” And of course, he wants his “parents to be nice."

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