Meet Romell

A wonderful kid described as a “jokester,” Romell is a total blast to be around. He enjoys a wide range of hobbies and loves to get outside and shoot hoops. He also enjoys soccer and swimming and while he’s not currently involved in any team sport, it would probably be a great experience for him. When he’s watching and not playing, his favorite team to cheer for is the Seattle Seahawks.

Ample time to be creative makes Romell happy. He enjoys painting, coloring, and drawing and he’s got a knack for all three. Romell also enjoys video games, especially racing games.

Loyal to the people he cares about, his brother Isaiah is at the top of that list. Romell is protective of his brother and strives to be a positive role model for him. They are very close; adoptive families should be willing and eager to keep this bond.

Romell is a really funny kid with a great sense of humor. Caring and smart, he has no problem making friends. He’s doing well in the 6th grade. While he finds some subjects pretty tough, he’s really interested in technology and learning how things work. Math is a strong subject for Romell, and though he’s great in science, he doesn’t enjoy it as much. The foster family Romell lives with is dedicated to supporting him in the subjects he has a tough time with, which he deserves in his future adoptive family as well.

When asked what she appreciates about Romell, their caseworker says he is a “very loving and caring child” and is particularly great with dogs and “really loves them.” She also shares that Romell “strives to be a positive role model for his little brother,” adding that he’s “like an onion” with many layers. His team is excited to hear from families who can work with Romell to build trust which will help him feel secure and loved.

Romell's team thinks the best fit is a family who will give him plenty of time and space to adjust to the idea of being adopted. A family who will build a lot of trust and get to know Romell as he settles into a new home will be the best fit for him. Romell's caseworker is especially excited to hear from families with positive role models and strong, loving presences.

If you can see Romell in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the permanent home he deserves.

Could you see Romell as part of your family?