Meet Skylar

Skylar loves his bike. Skylar loves his bike so much that even though it’s a little small for him, he doesn’t mind. When the bike was first pulled out of storage for him, there were so many repairs that needed to be made. Rather than become upset or disheartened, Skylar developed a list of parts that he would need and formulated a plan to fix it. It took several trips to the store and lots of effort, but eventually he was able to get it in shape for its welcome back ride, which he did with lots of pride and joy.

Clearly, Skylar likes a hands-on project. Taking things apart and spending time putting them back together is a passion for Skylar. He also enjoys riding his bike (of course!), swimming, and playing just about any sport. Relaxing activities he enjoys include reading, watching movies, and playing games. Skylar also really likes to learn new things, especially scientific facts.

Heading into his freshman year, Skylar is always working hard to advance his mathematic knowledge. He’s also into science and enjoys sharing what he’s learning in class. Skylar is insightful and strategic when it comes to being prepared and sticking to his routine, inside and outside of class.

Kind and genuine, Skylar really likes to be helpful and values connection with others. His loved ones are very important to him, including his sister, who he would like to remain connected with throughout their lives.

Skylar is open to any family configuration, including a family with pets! Skylar is very driven and values a family who is always learning something new.

If you can see this funny, engaging kid in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find Skylar the adoptive family he wants and deserves.

Could you see Skylar as part of your family?