Meet Matthew

From camping trips exploring the great outdoors to a good movie marathon night at home, Matthew knows that life is full of opportunities to have a good time. Being both a fan of the inside and the outside helps Matthew’s range of interests. He loves the excitement and energy of sports – playing or watching – and equally enjoys kicking back and playing a game on his phone. Open-minded and loving with a great sense of humor, it’s no wonder Matthew leaves such a good impression on everyone.

As he wraps up his last year of middle school, Matthew is looking forward to the next few years in high school. His caseworker thinks he’ll benefit from the advocacy and support of an adoptive family who’ll encourage him to stay motivated and excited about class.

A really cool and fair kid, Matthew prioritizes equity and is accepting of communities regardless of whether or not their culture, religion, and nationality align with his. He’s happy to be adopted by an LGBTQ+ family and would prefer to have no more than two siblings in his new home. Matthew has said he’s open to a religious family as long as there are no expectations for him to practice their faith. He also adds that he’s excited for outings and spending time with his future adoptive family.

If you can see Matthew in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adventure-seeking family he deserves.

Could you see Matthew as part of your family?