Meet Rory

Sweet, friendly, the kind of kid who makes friends easily because everyone loves them – meet Rory! This awesome kid has a ton of hobbies and so much to share about who he is with potential adoptive families.

And what are some of those hobbies? To start, Rory is super active and most of his favorite things to do are as well. He loves sports. Among his current faves to participate in are wrestling, soccer, and baseball. Really, anything that keeps him active and outdoors is on his list.

Currently in the 4th grade, Rory has continued to work hard on subjects like math, reading, speech, and general classroom behavior. He made so much progress last school year and his teacher would always note that Rory is a delight to know and have in class.

Everyone is proud of how far Rory has come over the last year. His caseworker notes that he really enjoys spending time with his support team, doing activities with them and having a good time. He’s got a great funny bone, as well. As his worker says, “Rory responds to fun humor and likes to joke.”

His team wants potential adoptive families to know that he has several biological siblings that he’s close with and loves very much. Rory is especially close with his older brother and would love to have another older brother in his future adoptive family. On that note, his team is especially excited to hear from families where Rory can be the youngest of older brothers or the only child.

When asked what he wants in a future home, Rory says he wants a family that’s active in sports, adding, “they don’t have to play if they don’t want to, but I’d want them to come to my games.” He also adds that it would be cool to have a dad that’s also a coach! As aforementioned, Rory also wants older brothers in the home so there are kids to play with sometimes.

Rory is very ready to meet his permanent family and has such a supportive team ready to help him with the transition. They’re excited to hear from local families that will keep Rory in touch with the people who matter so much to him. If you’re a patient, loving family that are super into sports, please reach out! We’re excited to find Rory the adoptive family he deserves.