Meet Gina

Spending time in the outdoors is exciting – the possibilities are endless. Especially for a kid like Gina, who enjoys being outside so much. Gina enjoys the simple things, like going on a long walk, especially with people close to her for some bonding time. Swimming is another activity that Gina is fond of. But above all else, Gina loves being outside playing football. She was on the team in middle school and hopes to join again in the future.

Gina has recently gotten really into building things, and we don’t just mean little projects. Her current focus is on building a treehouse! It’s okay to be impressed.

Currently in the 11th grade. As she works to navigate the world of high school, Gina would benefit from an adoptive family who values education and can encourage her to keep meeting her goals.

Gina really appreciates quality time from her caregivers and family. As she continues to learn more about relationships and friendships, an adoptive family who can show her what it is like to be accepted, loved, and supported would be ideal. An adoptive family who is patient, values open communication, and who prioritizes one-on-one time with each other will be the best fit for Gina.

Gina really wants a place to call home. An adoptive family with one or two moms, or a couple with a strong maternal presence will be the best family for Gina. Gina really enjoys time with others, but will likely do best as the only child or with only one other sibling in the home, though she loves animals and would love to have a pet!

If you’re interested in potentially welcoming Gina into your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Could you see Gina as part of your family?

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