Meet Gina

Gina is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Dog or cat person: Both!
Current project: Building her own treehouse
Describes herself as: Fun and easy going
Wants: A supportive adoptive family

Gina is at her happiest when she’s able to be outside. She’s a teenager who enjoys life’s simple pleasures, like going on a long walk, especially if it’s with someone close to her for some bonding time. Swimming is another one of Gina’s favorite outdoor pastimes. And let’s not forget sports – Gina used to play on a football team in 8th grade, and looks forward to getting to play basketball, softball, or soccer again in the future. But above all else, Gina loves being outside so she can make progress on her latest woodworking endeavor. Her most recent undertaking? Building her own treehouse; it’s okay to be impressed. Gina wanted families to hear about her passion and talent for woodworking straight from her, through her In-Depth Profile.

Gina took her first woodworking class a couple of years ago, and has been coming up with her own projects ever since. She’s successfully built a stool, a couple of shelves, and has a wish list of future projects that she can’t wait to dive into. Gina plans out her designs in her head and works diligently until they’re complete. She’s incredibly resourceful and creative when it comes to dreaming up what she’s going to build next – a birdhouse, dog house, and miniature chicken house are high on her list. Notice a theme here? It’s no coincidence – Gina is a huge animal lover!

Gina’s woodworking project wishlist: birdhouse, doghouse, and miniature chicken house.

Currently in the 11th grade, Gina is well-liked by her teachers at school. As she heads toward the end of high school, Gina would benefit from an adoptive family who values education and can encourage her to keep meeting her goals. Gina is interested in learning more about joining the military after she graduates high school.

Whether it’s through watching TV, building something, or throwing around a football together, Gina really appreciates quality time spent with her caregivers and family. As she continues to learn more about relationships and friendships, an adoptive family who can show her what it is like to be accepted, loved, and supported would be ideal. An adoptive family who is patient, values open communication, and who prioritizes one-on-one time with each other will be the best fit for Gina.

Gina says, "I want to have a German Shepherd, black lab, golden retriever, or a poodle."

Gina is really looking forward to having a place to call home. An adoptive family with one or two moms, or a couple with a strong maternal presence would be a great fit for Gina. Gina really enjoys time with others, but will likely do best as the only child or with only one other sibling in the home, though she loves animals and would love to have a pet! Even though she’s got a few favorite dog breeds in mind, Gina would be happy with any sort of dog or cat in the home, as long as she’s able to snuggle up to them.

Gina is a great kid who we are so excited to find the right adoptive family for! If you can see Gina fitting into your family, we can’t wait to hear from you.

Beyond the Profile: Gina’s In-Depth Profile was produced entirely through a series of phone and Zoom calls since we couldn’t meet in person due to COVID-19. From our very first brainstorm of what she wanted to share with potential families, it was obvious that woodworking is a major source of pride and joy for Gina. It’s not hard to see why – she took her first woodshop class only two years ago, and is already building her own treehouse. It's an impressive feat, to say the least! One of the things that’s harder to capture on a Zoom call is how kind Gina is, often gifting her woodworking projects to special people in her life. Even though Gina was most excited to focus on her woodworking skills, it’s important to know that there’s so much more to her than that; she’s got a hilariously dry sense of humor, loves to bake, and has a surprisingly diverse range of favorite TV shows and movies, from Untold Stories of the ER, to Twilight. And those are just a few of the many other great things there are about Gina! I had an awesome time working with Gina on her In-Depth Profile, and I can’t wait for us to find the adoptive family that she deserves.

- Naomi Kolb-Untinen, Youth Engagement Specialist

Could you see Gina as part of your family?