Meet Kyndrah

Kyndrah is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Looking forward to: Babysitting someday
Passionate about: Her dolls
Aspiring: Doctor
Hoping to find: An adoptive family

Kyndrah is a really cool kid who naturally inspires those around her. She’s inquisitive and will prove it by asking as many questions as it takes to fully understand the answer. One of Kyndrah’s many admirable qualities is her confidence and ability to speak her mind. She’s an optimistic kid who continues to smile and push forward in spite of any obstacle. Kyndrah is self-reflective and goal-oriented; always striving to be the best version of herself. As her social worker says: "Kyndrah is wise beyond her years and is smart as a whip."

There are so many things that bring Kyndrah joy, though maybe nothing more than hanging out with “her people.” Shopping (including window shopping), playing Roblox, and listening to music are just a few of the things Kyndrah enjoys doing most.

Get to know more about Kyndrah's favorite hobby: playing with dolls!

Kyndrah has been working extremely hard throughout her 6th grade year. She does her best in school with the proper encouragement and effort from those around her. Kyndrah has big dreams in the future of becoming a doctor, even knowing how much school work it’ll take. She’s inspired to help others and being a doctor is how she’d like to achieve that particular goal.

She also appreciates a good karaoke moment. As her social worker shares, “Kyndrah is such a joy to be around. I have created a Spotify playlist for her that we add to every time we are in the car together. We love to blast the playlist and sing along to her favorite songs. Kyndrah has an impressive taste in music and her favorite song is actually a 90s song by Blind Melon called ‘No Rain.’”

Kyndrah's former social worker talks about all things Kyndrah!

Kyndrah has a few other
qualities and
favorites she has written out to share with families:

K's Strengths: creative, funny, good, caring
Favorite Foods: biscuits and gravy, salads, tomato, celery and peanut butter
Favorite Color: Rainbow
Hobbies: Playing with Dolls
Other things to know: "I want to be a doctor one day"

Kyndrah's list of favorite songs is always changing, but you can check out some of those current favorites on her playlist below!

Kyndrah’s team is eager to hear from adoptive families who will maintain Kyndrah’s important biological relationships and who will appreciate her for the comical, joyful energy she exudes. If you can see Kyndrah in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find her a place to permanently call home.

Beyond the Profile: Kyndrah was an absolute blast to work with. From the moment we started working together, she knew exactly what she wanted to share with potential adoptive families, and how she wanted to share it. Her laugh is infectious, and her energy is something else to be around! No matter who Kyndrah is with, you can guarantee they've got a smile on their faces. She is such an outgoing and charismatic youth who truly does love her people. I'm hopeful that a family that's ready for a lifetime of fun and smiles is out there and waiting to discover what a cool kid Kyndrah is.

-Kailee Haong, Youth Engagement Specialist