Meet Ataja

“I am awesome in every way!” -Ataja

Ataja is a young lady with goals for her life! Like many other kids her age, she can’t wait to grow up and take on the world. Ataja is proud of her accomplishments in school and her ability to save and budget her allowance towards her future goals.

Ataja enjoys conversations with her friends, and also likes quieter times with her guinea pig Lenny who she says, “makes me the most happy!” Sledding, sleeping in, and the occasional swim are some of Ataja’s favorite activities. While Ataja enjoys school, she also appreciates summertime when she can slow down and sleep in.

Ataja shows her affection through playfully teasing others; she enjoys laughter and has a great sense of humor. She feels accepted and cared for through receiving surprises and gifts. She will thrive in a family that balances patience, mentoring, and clear expectations with lots of one-on-one attention, laughter, and love.

Ataja would love to be adopted by a family with two parents. If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful young lady, please let us know!

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