Meet Katalina and Santiago

An artist at heart, Santiago often gets mistaken for a sports player but really isn’t all that interested in that kind of activity. He’d much prefer to draw, or game (he loves Roblox), or dive into a STEM project. In school, he gravitates toward shop/tech-type classes that combine his creative and mechanical interests. Currently in the 8th grade, this may be Santiago’s best school year yet! He’s been very engaged and really likes his teachers, peers, and the opportunity to seek out subjects involving STEM and science.

Santiago is most nurturing when it comes to his sisters, who he’s certainly got a deep love for. Generally, he’s pretty social, talkative, and quick to joke with people. He’s a fun conversationalist, a helpful person, and a deeply loving brother.

Speaking of, Katalina is Santiago’s sister. She’s a great communicator, she’s thoughtful, and she’s a super understanding person. She loves her friends and siblings more than anything. In her free time, Katalina loves to hang with her friends, go shopping, and decorate her room to reflect her favorite things. Currently a freshman in high school, Katalina has done a great job starting a new school. She’s made friends, she’s doing great in class, and she’s in an advanced Spanish class!

These awesome kids are eager to find a place to call home, together, forever. It’s very important to Santiago and Katalina to continue growing up together. A future home that will support their bond with biological family is essential as well.

Katalina and Santiago’s team are excited to hear from local families who can provide a loving home to these awesome kids while maintaining their important connections in life. If you can see these two in your family, please reach out to us!

Could you see Katalina and Santiago as part of your family?