Meet Marcelas "Mac"

Mac is waiting for a loving, committed family who can provide long lasting care. While adoption is not a culturally appropriate option, he still needs permanency through a guardianship family. Learn more about Guardianship or Long Term Foster Care here. Learn more about the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) process and considerations when fostering, adopting or becoming a guardian for Native American or Alaskan Native children here.

Meet Marcelas, a cool kid with a fittingly cool nickname, "Mac"! Mac has a great sense of humor and a joy about him, and is polite and respectful. He is mature and wise beyond his years! Mac is a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and will need to stay connected to his culture throughout his life.

Mac couldn’t be more excited about wrapping up his freshman year of high school! This year was Mac’s first season of playing football and he had a great time! Next he moved onto wrestling, and now of course it’s track season. Mac is also great with animals; he's been super helpful with taking care of the pigs at his current placement.

Mac has many interests that he would love to share with a family he can grow up with. He loves music and playing the guitar. He enjoys visiting the local paintball arena for some fun on the weekends. Mac is also mastering the Rubik's cube; he's been practicing to boost his best time! Most of all, Mac is an avid reader - you will often find him wrapped up in a good book.

Mac is super smart, intuitive, and has a bright future ahead of him, undoubtedly college bound. He also wants to eventually join the military, though he hasn’t decided which branch he’d like to go into at this time. Mac has a couple of biological relatives that he wants to remain connected to throughout his life.

Mac is ready for permanency and a family he can count on to remain by his side (and on the sidelines of his games!). He wants to be part of a home that is patient, understanding, and easygoing. Single parent or two parent homes will all be considered for Mac! Mac’s guardianship family will need to be ready to earn his trust by being consistent with him and showing him that they are truly there for him.

Mac is a super versatile, funny, and future-focused kid. We can’t wait to help him find the permanent home he so deserves!

NOTE: As part of ORICWA, ODHS partners with Tribes to facilitate a Cultural Continuity Agreement. This supports ongoing cultural connection with the Tribe and children and greatly benefits them in understanding their culture, heritage, and identity.

Could you see Marcelas "Mac" as part of your family?