Meet Landon

A lover of stories, Landon is often found enjoying a book. One of Landon’s favorite forms of reading is listening to classic stories as audiobooks. A few recent favorites are The Hobbit and The Wizard of Oz. Listening to audiobooks also helps Landon make progress in learning to read his favorite stories all by himself. When his head isn’t in a book, Landon might be putting together a puzzle or interacting with anything related to outer space, his favorite place! Landon really enjoys helping out in the family garden and also has a knack for tending to the ducks and chickens.

Currently in the 1st grade, Landon has had an interesting time in school adjusting to virtual learning. Landon has made awesome progress in some tougher subjects and is eager to be back in the classroom to take advantage of some of his good support in school.

Landon’s social worker describes him as a fun-loving little boy. Landon loves being a part of a family and is eager to hopefully share a room in the future with his new adoptive brother(s)! Landon has strong bonds with his other biological siblings as well. An adoptive family who will respect and encourage these bonds throughout his life, as well as guiding him through the process of maintaining relationships with siblings in a different home, will be essential.

Landon’s team thinks he’ll do well in an adoptive family with other children in the home, as long as there’s lots of one-on-one time and emotional support. Additionally, his team thinks a family that loves to read and express affection will be a great fit for them.

If you can see Landon in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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