Meet Matthew

When asked what Matthew is interested in, his team let us know that he is “big into sailing culture,” which is maybe even an understatement. Matthew is a part of a sailing club that brings him a lot of joy. His sailing coaches are really eager to make sure Matthew can stay connected to this passion of his, and even continue to get involved in the extracurricular activities that he enjoys as well. Matthew enjoys bike riding, skiing, hiking, and fishing! He even has his own fishing poles and gear. Needless to say, Matthew would likely enjoy being welcomed into an active family who particularly enjoys sailing!

A hands-on kid, Matthew likes to take things apart and learn how to rebuild it – or even create something new! He's got a creative mind and also likes to draw. Matthew is most successful when he has some control over his environment and choices. As we’ve already discussed, he loves being outside doing any of the aforementioned activities or even just exploring the great outdoors.

Currently in the 10th grade, Matthew does well in class and enjoys engaging with his schoolwork. Having a permanent place to call home and adoptive parents to help keep him on track will help him continue to learn and grow in the classroom.

Witty and sarcastic, Matthew likes to spend time with the adults he feels bonded with. Everyone really enjoys talking to Matthew because of his great sense of humor and his mature conversation skills.

When asked where he would like to live, Matthew has shared that he would like to stay close to the water so he can continue to sail. He also added that he would like a home that is supportive of him doing outdoor things including sailing, skiing, and bike riding.

Additionally, Matthew’s team believes he’ll do best in a home with siblings that are either a few years older or a few years younger than he is. His team would love to hear from determined, committed families with a strong maternal presence. Matthew’s team would like potential adoptive families to know he deserves a home that will show him he is valued as a member of their family.

If you can see Matthew in yours, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the loving, adventurous home he deserves.