Meet Joey

There is nothing that’ll stop Joey from being on the move. He’s a super active kid who prefers skateboarding to bike riding and likes to glide down the sidewalk or head to the skate park. Playing sports, walking, and exploring outdoors are also interests of his. In fact, Joey has demonstrated unique fort-making skills and can make very nice forts out of tree branches and other elements found in his surroundings. Last year, he created a nice lean-to in a nearby forested area which he made out of branches, sticks, and tree boughs. Joey also welcomes friends to hang out with him outside, of course! He’s been known to create super fun games for his friends to play outside and he also enjoys card games and performing magic routines.

When it comes to indoor activities, Joey says he has a wide interest in the games that are out there. He’ll give anything a go! He’s also an amazing artist who loves to do anything that involves coloring or drawing. He’s very creative, which is evident based on his abilities to create art projects like his awesome dinosaur poster board or very own music video.

Joey describes himself as having a sense of humor and thinks he can be pretty funny. He’s also very kind and caring and is able to communicate very well with the people in his life.

Currently in the 9th grade, Joey is very bright and though he does not have a favorite subject, he’s always done very well in math. He seems to enjoy reading quite a bit and generally enjoys school. He’s not sure what his future will look like quite yet but is open to options.

Recently, Joey has expressed that he would prefer a permanent home to consist of one or two adults with no other children. His team believes it’ll be ideal for Joey to have a home that can offer him the structure, support, and consistency he thrives on.

If you can envision Joey in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Joey as part of your family?