Meet Ryder

Personable, funny, and quick-witted, Ryder is a friend to all. It’s been proven that if someone needs a pal or a friend to show them the ropes, Ryder is quick and eager to be the one to do so. He’s proud of his own compassion and is almost always in tune with the energy of those around him. He truly wants to be the best version of himself.

To get to know him best, let’s start with a few things that are quite important to who he is:

  • An avid collector of LEGOs, the more challenging and complex the set the better
  • Likes playing soccer but also wants to play baseball and wants to try football
  • Loves to go jogging, swimming, and has enjoyed hiking
  • Loves lasagna with meat, spaghetti with meatballs, and ramen noodles
    • And ice cream, of course
      • Not a fan of green beans
  • A scary movie fan

Currently in the 7th grade, Ryder is a quick learner who gives an enthusiastic thumbs up to math. He’s naturally smart and curious and tends to gravitate toward creative hands-on activities. Ryder is also really musically inclined and can play the piano by ear. ("Accurate and unbelievable,” his social worker notes.)

It’s clear that Ryder is open to change and helping to make a difference with people and in the world. Whenever Ryder thinks about his future, he indicates that he’d like to be in a career that may benefit youth who have been in similar situations to his own experiences, like therapy or law enforcement.

Ryder's social worker has so many awesome things to say about him, including:

“This young man is amazing. He has one of the coolest personalities and is wicked smart. He’s a real joy to be around!”

As far as a future home and family go, Ryder doesn’t mind being in the country, as long as he’s close enough to a city. Ryder has also stated that he’d like to be in a single-dad or two-dad home. His social worker would especially like to hear from families who have older kids or no other kids in the home, as Ryder does his best in that setting.

As we like to include what the youth and social worker are specifically looking for in a family, we highly encourage you and your family to reach out if you think you’re a good fit.

Could you see Ryder as part of your family?