Meet Larissa

While focusing on the present and looking forward to the future, Larissa has her eyes on the prize. And what’s the prize? Achieving her many, many goals, one of which is to find the right adoptive family to welcome her into their home and cheer her on.

“She wants so many good things for herself and her future and makes plans on how to reach them.” — Larissa’s case worker

Shopping, listening to music, chatting with friends, and spending time with people are just a few of the many things Larissa enjoys. Friendly and outgoing, Larissa can strike up a conversation with just about anyone, young or old. Perhaps because she’s so straightforward and curious, Larissa is a great conversationalist, who asks great life questions and enjoys conversing about her future, always with strength and courage. It is very clear that Larissa cares deeply for the people around her. Actually, Larissa cares deeply about all creatures! She has a real soft spot for animals, especially horses and kittens.

Larissa is a super active teen who enjoys being involved in sports, particularly MMA and gymnastics. She has stated that she really wants her future adoptive family to be just as active, and always up for a hike, a walk, or a game outside. Larissa is also a big reader who hopes to find even more time to get lost in the latest and greatest book series. Her creative mind also lends itself well to drawing – Larissa is super artistic!

Currently in the 10th grade, Larissa’s favorite subject is English. She’d really like to either go to college after high school, or join the military and explore a career in law enforcement in the future.

One of the most important aspects of Larissa’s identity is her heritage. Larissa is a Tulalip Tribal member and enjoys learning more about her culture and her Tribe. An adoptive family will need to support Larissa’s interest in her culture and encourage and learn alongside her as she remains connected to her community.

“I appreciate Larissa’s honesty and courage the most. She has always been open about how she is feeling, or about what she wants or needs.” — Larissa’s case worker

Larissa is focused on health and wellness and would love to be adopted by a family who enjoys healthy activities and cooking their meals at home, especially because Larissa is excited to learn how to cook! She is really excited and ready to be adopted and knows just what she wants in a future adoptive family. Most importantly, Larissa is interested in learning. An adoptive family who is active, curious, and full of love will be a great fit for Larissa, who has stated that she is open to any family configuration, with or without other kids in the home, older or younger. It’s most important to Larissa to find a family who suits her.

If you can see Larissa in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find her the loving home she deserves.

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