Meet Angela

A natural leader, Angela is a goal-setting, driven kid. Angela has a sweet disposition and a trailblazing persona. She is ready and willing to be involved, and is often the leader of the pack. At the moment, Angela is interested in joining her school’s audio visual club and is generally fascinated with technology. She is super captivated by all things production and wants to one day create her own YouTube channel entitled, “Angela’s Random Things.”

Besides the tech-world, Angela is really into making crafts. Her creative personality has been the inspiration behind everything from paper hats to wooden cars to homemade slime. (Yes, slime!) When she isn’t producing or creating, you will likely find Angela with her nose in a book. She is always reading something – the Harry Potter series is among her favorites.

Currently in the 9th grade, Angela does a great job staying on track and focused when it comes to her studies. Angela is dedicated to her GPA as she hopes to become an attorney in order to help kids like herself. This isn’t just a small dream to Angela — she has a lot mapped out already. She will start taking college courses as soon as she’s allowed to do so and from there, plans to get her AA at her local community college. From there, she’ll attend Gonzaga University to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming an attorney. Angela is so dedicated to this goal that she has done most of the research on her own and even sought out and discovered an organization that supports youth who want to focus on goals beyond high school.

Obviously, an adoptive family to cheer on and support Angela on this goal and through all of her dreams will be super beneficial for her.

Among Angela’s other interests are playing games, her tablet, and watching TV. She also loves to dress up and look completely glamourous!

Angela is really drawn to comfort, and the familiarity of what she knows. A family who can provide Angela plenty of quality time will be best for her. A home where she is the only child or the sibling of much older kids would be a great fit. A home with clear boundaries and open communication will be essential for her continued maturation and growth. A family who can build trust and be patient as Angela adjusts to their home will be invaluable to Angela’s life. Above all, Angela would thrive in a family that can provide her with love, support, and stability.

If you are interested in learning more about this dedicated, creative kid, let us know!

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