Meet Jazzmyne

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If there’s glitter involved, count Jazzmyne is. Glitter is a great way to explain a personality. Like glitter, Jazzmyne is shiny, fun, and makes everyone happy. To say Jazzmyne has a few interests is an understatement. She’s a kid with a lot of different hobbies. Finding an adoptive family who is equally excited by the prospect of an outdoor adventure or learning how to play a new instrument would be a really special addition to her life.

One of Jazzmyne’s favorite things to do is make slime. She’s a hands-on kid who likes to experiment with crafty projects. She also really enjoys music – both listening to it and playing it. She has a vision of learning how to play the guitar. In fact, Jazzmyne has stated that she would like to learn how to play every instrument. An adoptive family who is equally driven by music would be a great thing for her. She has recently attended a music camp and a dance camp! Because naturally, when the music is playing, Jazzmyne also really loves to dance.

Outdoor activities are a huge part of Jazzmyne’s life as well. While just being outside is enough, Jazzmyne really enjoys the chance to attend summer camp and festivals. She loved soccer camp and would definitely go again! Going to the park is another favorite pastime. The outside invigorates her. When it isn’t festival season, you will most likely find Jazzmyne counting down the days until it’s time to visit a haunted house. (Spooky!) Of course, Jazzmyne does also appreciate the chance to chill out and watch television from time to time.

Jazzmyne has a newfound passion for makeup and has been watching lots of video tutorials to perfect her skill. Makeup is perfect for Jazzmyne’s love of arts and crafts. She’s really creative and continues to discover and figure out her own style while having fun doing so. (We don’t have pictures yet, but Jazzmyne is currently rocking a shaved head that she is excited to start dying fun colors as the hair grows in.)

As she begins the 5th grade, Jazzmyne would really benefit from an adoptive family who can champion her education. She’s a great reader and is continually working on the tougher subjects like math. She does well with fewer transitions during the day and lots of one-on-one time with her teacher and mentors. Her classroom environment works well for her and the support and encouragement of an adoptive family would help her to truly thrive in school.

Jazzmyne has a good relationship with her biological grandmother and aunt and would like an adoptive family who will support this special bond.

Jazzmyne is a happy and chatty kid who will make a great addition to the right family. Adoptive parents who are flexible, supportive, and proud would be the best family for Jazzmyne. Jazzmyne would do really well with an LGBTQ+ identifying family, or one that is supportive and respectful of people of the LGBTQ+ community. She will thrive with the excitement and encouragement of a family who is interested in providing her with great academic support and plenty of opportunities to explore her many hobbies.

If you can envision Jazzmyne in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Portraits by Kai-Huei Yau, in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

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