Meet Landon

We’d like to share a story to detail Landon’s sense of humor and interests. The following occurred between Landon and his case manager.

One day, Landon decided that he wanted to get a baby monkey. His case manager started to laugh and naturally asked, “why?” With a straight face, Landon replied, "I want to dress him up to look like a little 'mini me'. Matching outfits.” With more laughter, his case manager pointed out that Landon is quite picky about his hair, and added, “Are you going get the monkey a wig for his hair?" Not one to be out-funnied, Landon’s retort was, “if I can get him to keep it on!”

To make this story even funnier, it’s important to know that Landon has a flair for fashion and really enjoys his material goods. He takes incredible care of his stuff – it makes him feel established and safe. So while the above exchange occurred, Landon and his case manager were both picturing a baby monkey wearing a flawless wig, Nike shorts, and NikeSwoosh shoes.

Anyway, that’s Landon – a fashion-forward animal lover with a great, goofy sense of humor. What else is there to know? Well, plenty!

Sports are probably the most important thing to Landon, but not really watching sports, playing them! Landon highly enjoys the spirit of athletic competition and prefers to play than to watch. His sports of choice are football, basketball, and soccer. For Landon, a big motivator in school has been playing on teams. Due to the pandemic, he’s on a bit of a pause but as soon as it is safe, he will want to pick back up and join whichever leagues he can.

When indoors, Landon likes to play Xbox, which he says he likes almost as much as playing sports. (But not quite.) Landon used to love to ride his bike, but recently, he’s more into his scooter, which he likes to take down to the skate park. And though he is very athletic, Landon isn’t much for hiking or spending time doing rigorous outdoor activities, though he does really love fresh air.

Currently in the 7th grade, Landon is attending school virtually, which he does not enjoy as much as being in the classroom. Before the pandemic, Landon had an educational advocate that helped motivate and encourage him with his schoolwork. An adoptive family who will do the same will be so great for him. Landon has big goals for his future. When discussing what he may want to be as an adult, he has a few ideas. If it didn’t require so much schooling, Landon would want to be a medical professional, and of course, he’d love to be a professional athlete. Another dream of Landon’s is to potentially break into the music production industry, specifically hip-hop, though he does not rap himself!

Everyone says that Landon is a really great kid. He is socially skilled and friendly, he is kind to others, even those younger than him, and as aforementioned, he’s super funny. Landon is a really caring kid, even if he doesn’t always express it on the outside, and is super fun to be around. Landon’s foster family says that he “isn’t afraid to talk to you” and is a great, direct communicator.

Landon does really want to be adopted, and is very eager for a permanent place to call home. Landon has stated that he would like a family who can provide for him and where all of his needs are met. In the future, Landon really wants to get married and have kids and raise those kids to be happy – and he deserves the same thing! He’ll do best in a home where he’s the only teen, though he’s great with younger kids. With the right adoptive family, Landon will continue to thrive.

If you can see Landon in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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