Meet Xzavior

Let’s rattle off the sports Xzavior likes – basketball, karate, baseball, soccer, and... everything else! A bundle of enthusiasm, playing sports is a great way for Xzavior to use up all of his energy. In general, playing outside is always welcome, especially if Xzavior gets to hang out with some pals. When inside, Xzavior loves to play video games.

Currently in the 7th grade, Xzavior is a very intelligent kid who especially excels in math. Xzavior does well in school but will also benefit from the educational advocacy of his future adoptive family. A team to cheer him on and keep him motivated will be great for Xzavior.

Smart, kind, and an interesting character, Xzavior is really one-of-a-kind. As he grows up and learns more about the obstacles life can throw his way, he’s still committed to his emotional growth and learning. He’s an open communicator who is able to express himself when he feels seen and heard. His team is eager to hear from families who can meet Xzavior where he’s at while providing him with resources and a support network that will help him thrive. Xzavior’s team is eager to hear from experienced families who will provide him with a permanent home and will commit to him through all of the seasons of his life.

Xzavior also has a relationship with his biological brother. This is an important connection to him and his future family will need to support this bond throughout his life.

Any kind of family dynamic will work for Xzavior as long as he can build trust and feel heard and loved. He deserves a family that will provide him with lots of patience and support as he adjusts to their home. Xzavior loves a lot of quality time and attention and will do best in a family where he is able to feel heard and loved. The whole team is excited to find a place that Xzavior will call home.

If you can see Xzavior in your family, please reach out to us!

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