Meet Xzavior

Let’s rattle off the sports Xzavior likes – basketball, karate, baseball, soccer, and maybe everything else! A bundle of enthusiasm, playing sports is a great way for Xzavior to expend some of his extra energy. Even more generally speaking, playing outside is a favorite activity for Xzavior, especially if he’s hanging out with pals his own age. When inside, Xzavior loves to play video games.

Currently in the 4th grade, Xzavior is a very intelligent kid who especially excels in math. Like everyone else, Xzavior has had to adjust to learning virtually and definitely prefers to be in the classroom. Xzavior does well in school but will also benefit from the educational advocacy of his future adoptive family. A team to cheer him on and keep him motivated will be great for Xzavior.

Before the pandemic, Xzavior also enjoyed going to the local Boys and Girls Club after school. When it’s safe to gather again, he’d love to get back into his after-school activities.

Xzavior is a smart, kind, and funny kid who will make such a great addition to the right adoptive family. Usually comfortable right away, Xzavior is also an open communicator who is able to express his feelings. An adoptive family who is excited to put in time, love, and effort with Xzavior as he learns more about himself and the world around him will be great.

Xzavior has a relationship with his biological brother. This is an important connection to Xzavior and his future adoptive family will need to support the bond throughout his life.

An adoptive family where Xzavior can be the only child will be the best fit for him, though he will also do well as the oldest child in a family. Most importantly, Xzavior deserves an adoptive family who will give him patience and support as he adjusts to their home. Xzavior loves a lot of quality time and attention and will do best in an adoptive family where he is able to feel heard and loved. He’s very excited to permanently call a place home.

If you can see Xzavior in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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