Milgard Adoption Project (MAP)

The Northwest Adoption Exchange is the recipient of a grant from Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation. This is a one year pilot project to provide adoptive family preparation and specialized adoptive recruitment services for the families and children in Pierce, Thurston and Kitsap counties. Up to 18 families and 20 children will be served during the program year.

Through this project, NWAE will provide education and preparation services to adoptive families to include: training, matching assistance, support services, connections to other families in the adoption process, as well as connections to follow-up and post adoption services.

Children referred to the program will receive child specific, enhanced adoptive recruitment services (SRP.) This will include local and nationwide adoptive family searches, pre-placement and adoption transition support, relative search and, screening for their appropriateness for adoptive placement and/or permanent life connection.

Enrollment for families will be limited to those families interested in children 6 to 18 years of age. For more information contact Patrick Weber at For more information about enrolling children in the project please contact Bryna Desper

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