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Our parent organization, Northwest Resource Associates, is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt non-profit organization (Federal ID #91-1117250). We are incorporated in the State of Washington and are registered with the State of Washington Secretary of State Charities Division (Registration #6437). We also are registered with the State of Oregon Department of Justice under the Charitable Trust and Corporation Act (Registration #26986) and with the State of Alaska Department of Law as a charitable organization. We spend less than 1% of our budget on fundraising and our administrative costs are 10%. Therefore, approximately 90% of our revenue is spent in support of our program goals.

We all have a story to tell. At Northwest Adoption Exchange, we speak directly to potential adoptive families through the powerful stories of children in foster care. Stories of loss, uncertainty, resilience, and most of all, hope.

Your support helps tell these stories and makes a real difference. Because of our efforts together, 174 children who were featured on the Northwest Adoption Exchange in the last year are now with adoptive families.

But there is still more work to be done with much at stake. We're currently recruiting homes for 262 children in foster care, each with a unique story and the hope for an adoptive family to call their own.

That's why in 2017 we are expanding our efforts to more deeply engage and empower youth, by assigning new staff to work directly with youth like 10-year-old Michael, who is eager to share his story with families. No one knows a child's story better than they do. And we know that when youth are involved in telling their stories, families are inspired to respond - more often and with more enthusiasm.

Will you please make a gift this season to Northwest Adoption Exchange to help us find adoptive families for children in foster care?

Together we can ensure every waiting child experiences the love and support of an adoptive family.

With gratitude,

Tyler Helbach
Northwest Adoption Exchange

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