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Child Name:Jeffrey


Jeffrey has a gift for creating elaborate structures with Legos and Erector Sets, clearly demonstrating his imagination and creativity. The structures he builds are quite spectacular! He also enjoys watching TV, listening to music, and playing cartoon-style video games. A pleasant young man to spend time with, Jeffrey has a sense of humor and likes to joke around. As for movies, the Star Wars series are at the top of his list.

Jeffrey follows directions well, and when something is upsetting to him, or he becomes frustrated, he is able to calm himself easily when given a little space to think things over. He especially enjoys the significant, caring adults around him who enjoy cartoons and have an interest in magic, which are two of his main interests. He does make connections and gets along with others around him who don’t share those interests, too. Jeffrey enjoys talking and sharing what he did over the weekend, what he did at school, games he’s playing or wants to play outside (like Nerf war games!), and what he has been watching on TV. He is also showing interest in hearing about what’s important to others and what they are doing as well.

Now in 6th grade for the 2015-2016 year, Jeffrey enjoys school and benefits from having a specialized curriculum which helps meet his learning and behavioral needs. Jeffrey, who has always established close relationships with the significant caring adults in his life, and a few peers, has made great strides in interpreting the world around him. Although he may not grasp all of the information he is given, he is able to process what he does understand more accurately than in the past. A very concrete thinker, interpreting and processing abstract thought, such as the concepts of time and space, remain difficult for Jeffrey. He does, though, have very strong and articulate expressive language skills; his verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning are much stronger than his receptive language and comprehension.

Jeffrey can be fearful at times, which, in combination with his developmental issues, can interfere with him having positive interactions especially with peers and other kids. Having a very stable, structured, calm and nurturing home environment where he can feel safe and secure will go a long way toward helping Jeffrey move forward in positive ways.

Jeffrey needs an adoptive home with a simple yet highly structured, consistent daily routine with trustworthy adults who have the experience and skills to help him, not only with his daily life, but also in realizing his full potential. While Jeffrey has developmental limitations, it is very likely that he will be able to live independently as an adult. He will likely, though, need his adoptive family’s help and support as he navigates his way into adulthood, and throughout his life. Jeffrey’s social worker looks forward to talking with couples, especially those who have strong support systems of family and friends, and community resources. An adoptive family who will bring patience, calmness, and kindness to parenting and mentoring Jeffrey will be a wonderful fit.

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