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NWAE Number:C8210
Child Name:William (Joe)
Profile Updated:08/2015


Joe, who prefers to be called by his middle name, is a warm and caring boy who makes friends easily and has a special fondness for animals. Those who know him describe him as “an old soul,” and adults praise his good manners and mature nature. Joe loves being outdoors and playing/watching sports – football, track, basketball and baseball. Last spring he was very successful in participating in Track and Field, coming in third in shot putting and had lots of fun!

Joe does well in school and has just begun his sophomore year of high school. He is an avid reader and always has a book nearby; he likes to spend time each evening reading before bed, as well. Joe’s teachers describe him as creative and very social. They enjoy the stories he creates, and appreciate his excitement when he’s called on in class and has the right answers. He has good attendance and is able to get himself to school and home after his activities with little direction. School staff have reported to his caregiver that Joe has been seen taking a leadership position during situations that seem to be getting out of control; he has attempted to calm other students down and de-escalate situations within the classroom. His dream of being in the Coast Guard after high school was supported in his previous involvement in Sea Scouts.

A family who understands how past trauma can affect trust and behavior and be willing to support Joe as he receives additional therapeutic support to address these issues would be beneficial for him. Joe has made significant progress in learning positive behaviors and ways to handle his emotions, and he has gained skills that have allowed him to be more self-regulated and self-aware.

Joe needs stability and security in his life and he thrives when he receives one-on-one attention. While Joe is slow to trust, he is able and eager to bond with adults once they prove that they are trustworthy. Joe is very affectionate and loves participating in family activities in his current foster home and in the community. Being willing to participate with Joe in family counseling during this transition into his adoptive home would be a meaningful way for his adoptive folks to show their love and commitment to him. Joe would also like to stay in contact with his siblings and would like a family that supports this contact. His siblings are in Washington, so it is Joe’s very strong preference that his forever family live here in Washington too.

The parental traits that Joe values are consistency, patience, a nice sense of humor and the ability to provide a stable daily routine with clear rules and expectations, limits and open communication. He is excited to join a family with siblings or as an only child with an experienced couple or single parent. He is looking for a home where he can attend church and where he will be supported in his sports participation and his desire to attend college in the future and join the Coast Guard. He enjoys being close to a variety of activities, such as skate parks, movies, and shopping centers. He also would enjoy having the option to have animal friends within the family; this would be very therapeutic for Joe.

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